what server do I need to join in order to enter a USA or UK channel

Added by Eduardo Bedoya over 7 years ago

could you suggest me a server and channel to join in UK or USA?
which server should I joing,
what are the largest channels?

When I try to enter EFEnet server I get this msg:
[20:11:36] * You got MODE +i
[20:11:36] > CTCP VERSION from colodrone
[20:11:39] * Got external host: (EB-00000)
[20:13:17] * You are not on a channel, try /join #channel
[20:13:24] * LIST Server load is temporarily too heavy. Please wait a while and try again.

So can't get the list of channels, why is that happening?

or when I tried to enter to freenode this happened..
[19:39:25] * Looking up
[19:39:25] * Connecting to port 6667..
[19:39:25] * Looking up your hostname...
Checking Ident
Couldn't look up your hostname
No Ident response
[19:39:34] *
* Notice -- You need to identify via SASL to use this server
[19:39:35] * Closing Link: (SASL access only)

I searched about it here...

and it seems that I need a register a Nickserv, but how I do that???

they say I have to send a msg to register like this...
/msg nickserv REGISTER password [email]
but how can I send that msg to the freenode server if I'm not connected in first place???

thanks advanced.