Smart logging

Added by Albrecht Albrecht almost 7 years ago

Hi everyone,
I would like to provide you with a feature suggestion for this very well made program. I called it smart logging because nothing better came to my mind, anyway, the problem I would like to solve with such a feature is having a somewhat more usable log than usual.
Let's say that I'm having a conversation with the person "A", the very same person can change nick more than once, for example, due to connection problems he can become "A_", then going back to "A", and so on...
We could also extend this kind of precess in a multi-session way... So, today the nick is "A", tomorrow will be "ANewerNick", the next month will be "TheNewestNick"...
I think that it would be very nice to have the capability of "merging" the buffers from all the conversation, intersecting messages by using the timestamps, in a way that A, A_, ANewerNick and TheNewestNick buffers should be joined in a unique text file, with the messages sorted correctly...
Is this explanation clear enough to understand what I mean? Would anybody else find this feature useful?