[Plugin request] "Split View" for the chat window, to separate regular messages from event messages

Added by Kostas K about 6 years ago

In continuation from here

It would be great if someone could provide a plugin (maybe offering a "Split View" button in the toolbar)
to vertically split the main chat window, with a resizable separator,
with which to display all the non-chat messages (joins/parts/motd/topic/etc) in the upper part of the split window, keeping only the chat messages in the lower part.

The main chat window would remain still one, not two, i.e. it wouldn't be two movable windows - it would just be a single window with a resizable separator.

It seems like the the non-chat messages are those that have a * symbol (instead of a nick) in the Nick column.

I've only found this feature in KVIrc (link). IMHO it's the best way to separate the chat messages from all other event messages. KVIrc screenshots: without Split View, with Split View
It's in fac a quick alternative way to separate chat messages from all other event messages, while keeping all those other event messages grouped together in handy for reference,
independently on the very useful existing various Monitor Panels.

Thank you