[script] Toggle Marker Line

Added by Mr. BS over 10 years ago

Just an example to change AdiIRC config using the Setoption command. In this case, a toggle for the Marker Line, similar to shortcut Ctrl+L on mIRC.

This board can be a good snippets repository, why not? :P


- The alias shortcut in script is af2, it means <alt>+<F2>;
- The color 24 used in echo message is explained in Extra Colors article.
- There is noticeable delay to apply the config, this is know limitation of ini files, but it doesn't bother me.

Video demo.

<video controls>
<source src=";>


; Toggle Marker Line -
; v01 by pereba

alias af2 {
  if ($readini(config.ini,Messages,UseUnreadLine) == true) {
    setoption Messages UseUnreadLine false
    echo 24 -at * Marker line is off
  setoption Messages UseUnreadLine true
  echo 24 -at * Marker line is on