[Script] Open standalone window on new PM

Added by Mr. BS over 9 years ago

This small snippet bellow takes advantage of the new -Qn /window parameter to open in standalone window when you get a new PM/Query.


on *:open:?:*:{
  ; set bellow the desired window size, width and height respectively
  var %w 600, %h 300

  window -Q1 $nick $calc(($window(-1).w - %w) / 2) $calc(($window(-1).h - %h) / 2) %w %h

  ; do you want transparency? change the level .5 is 50%, .1 is 10%, you got it right? or just comment/remove this line to disable
  setlayer $calc(.9*255) $nick

Hint: if you want the window brings to front (get focus) in case AdiIRC is on background, you can add the parameter -a to window command, ie: window -aQ1 ...