Help with Script Please.

Added by crz kiwi over 7 years ago

Hi All,

I would like help creating a simple script as follows.

SCENERIO: We run a channel for a popular MMORPG in which a small community partipates and i want to make to easier for players to group up and get groups. The advantage for using ADIIRC scripting is more people will be using ADIIRC!

Quite often people ask in channel any Cab(Cabalist) or Sorc(Sorceror) or Friar(Friar) lfg?

I want the script to be able to

a) recognise these requests and send you a msg saying XXXX needs a FRIAR.
b) make your list of classes easily editable, one day i might only want to play FRIAR or DRUID, but the next i only want to see requests for HERO or BLADEMASTER. (a simple GUI with checkboxes (select all, select none or partial selection) would be ideal)

Appreciate any help in advance.