[Script] Multi-language scripting strings

Added by Mr. BS over 7 years ago

I wrote a little function to replace strings to AdiIRC user language. Useful when rewriting events. A little useless for now though, first because there is not much community contribution to translations (you can help!), also I think there is low demand, like dev/users releasing around the web scripts made specifically for AdiIRC.

You can find the language strings in Get Localization website - the online platform used to manage AdiIRC translations.


Language string on Get Localization website


; usage $conv2lang(string,text to replace {0},text to replace {1},... up to five parameters)
; example $conv2lang(SetsMode1,$boldify(multi),$boldify(language!))

alias conv2lang {
  if ($isid) { return $replace($adilang($$1),{0},$2,{1},$3,{2},$4,{3},$5,{4},$6) }

Example output:

multi sets mode: language!

See also $adilang, $boldify, $isid.

Get_Localization_logical_string.png (5.68 KB) Get_Localization_logical_string.png Language string on Get Localization website