[Theme] Qdark v0.1

Added by Mr. BS over 9 years ago

This is my attempt to port the Quassel theme DarkMonokai (screenshot @ Windows).

AdiIRC Qdark theme

Considering the natural difference in features between apps, I tried to make it most close to the original theme as possible. I think the result was a good dark theme that can be used as basis for extra customization, specially enabling features only available on AdiIRC.

The icons are from original Quassel theme. By ethical reasons, I'll not share it here. Be free to look their source page, all images are accessible there. Also, for now AdiIRC doesn't has support for themes pack, maybe in a future feature we can share a fully customized theme, then user will get what they see in screenshot. Have patience.

Ps: many features you can see in this screenshot are exclusive for the latest beta build. Get it right now typing /betaup in your client!