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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2757 AdiIRC Bug Rejected High Add support for PCRE regex and move .NET to alternative identifiers Per Amundsen 06/15/2016 05:20 AM Actions
1117 AdiIRC Bug Closed High /lusers - display errors Per Amundsen 02/20/2014 05:04 AM Actions
1121 AdiIRC Bug Closed High /exit -r does not restart the client Per Amundsen 02/10/2014 01:20 PM Actions
5396 AdiIRC Feature Rejected Normal Add $bindip().status to return the currently status Per Amundsen 10/03/2021 11:56 PM Actions
5364 AdiIRC Bug Closed Normal Dialogs text id doesn't get hidden under a tab Per Amundsen 08/03/2021 05:16 AM Actions
5363 AdiIRC Bug Closed Normal $bfind().regex does not populate $regml() properly Per Amundsen 07/24/2021 01:17 PM Actions
5361 AdiIRC Bug Closed Normal /bset & returns an incorrect error Per Amundsen 07/18/2021 06:30 AM Actions
5333 AdiIRC Feature Closed Normal Add .type property for $did() to return the ID type Per Amundsen 06/20/2021 07:55 PM Actions
5155 AdiIRC Bug Closed Normal /ialfill should be useable without -f until end of names Per Amundsen 02/26/2021 08:17 PM Actions
5194 AdiIRC Bug Closed Normal RAW 354 event doesn't trigger during /ialfill Per Amundsen 02/26/2021 04:48 PM Actions
5255 AdiIRC Bug Closed Normal $comval() returns wrong item count on some Com objects Per Amundsen 02/22/2021 01:29 PM Actions
5247 AdiIRC Feature Rejected Normal Add -b flag on /debug for rawlog Debug Per Amundsen 02/13/2021 02:50 PM Actions
5239 AdiIRC Feature Closed Normal /sockopen add new parameter -C; $sock() add new property .certfile Per Amundsen 02/11/2021 09:30 PM Actions
5222 AdiIRC Bug Invalid Normal Dialogs on icon item with invalid/empty file should print an error message Per Amundsen 02/11/2021 03:19 AM Actions
5226 AdiIRC Bug Closed Normal /sockopen read timeout is too low Per Amundsen 02/10/2021 01:36 AM Actions
5225 AdiIRC Feature Rejected Normal Add support for $ialmark(*,N) Per Amundsen 02/07/2021 02:09 PM Actions
5223 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Add $devent identifier to support 'mclick' and 'rclick' mouse events Per Amundsen 02/04/2021 04:05 PM Actions
5163 AdiIRC Feature Closed Normal Add .pid property on $file() to return the PID of the executable file Per Amundsen 01/30/2021 12:23 AM Actions
5219 AdiIRC Feature Rejected Normal [Suggestion]: $dns(N).reply to return the full reply from the DNS query Per Amundsen 01/29/2021 09:31 PM Actions
4587 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Add $dictlang() identifier to check if an dictionary is currently installed Per Amundsen 01/27/2021 05:10 AM Actions
5199 AdiIRC Feature New Normal Add a flag on /did to allow coloring foreground or background or border a dialog id Per Amundsen 12/19/2020 09:15 AM Actions
5183 AdiIRC Bug Closed Normal /ban -uN doesn't work on multiple channels at the same time Per Amundsen 11/06/2020 12:41 PM Actions
4869 AdiIRC Bug Closed Normal $hget().unset is always $null Per Amundsen 10/05/2020 12:26 AM Actions
3267 AdiIRC Feature Rejected Normal $inputcall(text,alias) extension identifier for $input() Per Amundsen 10/04/2020 06:56 PM Actions
3260 AdiIRC Feature Rejected Normal $regread() Per Amundsen 10/04/2020 06:55 PM Actions
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