Added in 1.9.0

$bfind(&binvar, N, M, [name])

Searches a &binvar for a matching value.

The search is case-insensitive.


&binvar - The &binvar to search.
N - The position of the &binvar to start the search.
M - Numeric ASCII character(s) or text to search.
[name] - Name to store in $regml for the result(s) when using the .regex property. (optional)


.text - Force a text search if the search text (M) is a number.
.textcs - Search case-sensitive.
.regex - Performs a regular expression search for the pattern M.


; Finds "test" starting from position 1.
//echo -a $bfind(&test, 1, test)

; Finds character 32 (a space) from position 5.
//echo -a $bfind(&test, 5, 32)

; Finds WAV from position 1.
//echo -a $bfind(&test, 1, 87 65 86)