Added in 1.9.0


Returns the Nth color index of the specified color name. If you do not specify the full name the first partial match is returned.

If you specify an N value, returns the RGB value for the Nth color box.

Returns 16 if a invalid name/N is specified, which is the "normal" color in AdiIRC when Use extended colors for events is enabled.

See also /color, $ocolor, Extra Colors.


Parameter Description
name/N Named color or Nth color to retrieve.


Property Description
.dd Returns number in double-digit format.
.hex Returns the color in RRGGBB hex format. (AdiIRC only)


; Get the action color.
//echo -ag action color is $color(action)

; Get the action color by partial match in double digits.
//echo -ag action color is $color(act).dd

; Get the rgb value for color 5.
//echo -ag rgb value for 5 is $color(5)

Color names

Background text
Action text
Ctcp text
Highlight text
Info text
Info2 text
Invite text
Join text
Kick text
Mode text
Nick text
Normal text
Notice text
Notify text
Other text
Own text
Part text
Quit text
Topic text
Wallops text
Whois text
Editbox text
Inactive text
Listbox text
Gray text
Title text
Treebar text