Added in 1.9.0

$decode(text|&binvar, abmuthxr)

Decodes text or &binvar using Uuencode, Mime or html codes.

If decoding a &binvar, returns the actual number of characters written to the &binvar.

Default is Uuencode.

See also $encode.


text|&binvar - The text or a &binvar to decode.
abmuth - a = base32 encoding, b indicates a &binvar is specified, h = html coded encoding, r = url encoding, m = mine encoding, u = Uuencode (default), t = text (default), x = hex decode. (h,x and r is AdiIRC only)

; UUencode 'test'.
//echo -ag $encode(test)

; UUencode 'test', then decode it.
//echo -ag $decode($encode(test))

$decode(%var | &binvar, switches, key, [salt | iv])