Added in 1.9.0


Returns the IP address that was resolved during a on DNS event.

See also /dns, on DNS.


N - If N = 0, returns number of associated IP addresses, otherwise the Nth IP address.


.nick - Returns the nick if /dns was used on a nick.
.addr - Returns the resolved hostname.
.ip - Returns the resolved Ip address.


; Lookup a nick
/dns nick

; Lookup a hostname

; Lookup a IP address.

; Print the results from the lookups.
on *:DNS:{
var %n = $dns(0)
 echo 4 Found %n addresses
 while (%n > 0) {
   echo 4 dns: $dns(%n) nick: $dns(%n).nick addr: $dns(%n).addr ip: $dns(%n).ip
   dec %n