Added in 1.9.0


Returns the name or status of a scripting group in a script.

See also /enable, /disable.


#|N - Group name or if N = 0, number of groups, otherwise the Nth group.


.status - Returns on or off.
.fname - Returns the script filename in which the group exists.
.name - Returns name of the group.
.line - Line in the script where the group starts. (AdiIRC only)


; Create a group.
#example on
alias Example {
  echo -ag Group works
#example end

; Print number of groups.
//echo -ag $group(0)

; Print the '#example' group status.
//echo -ag #example1 is $group(#example1).status

; Disable the '#example' group
/disable #example

; Print the '#example' group status again.
//echo -ag #example1 is $group(#example1).status