Added in 1.9.0


Returns $true if /ignore is enabled, otherwise $false.


Returns the Nth address in the ignore list set in Options -> Ignore or using /ignore.


N|address - An address or if N = 0, number of addresses, otherwise the Nth address.


.network - The network associated with the ignore. (if any)
.type - Ignore flags.
.secs - Number of seconds until the ignore expire. (if set to expire)
.note - Returns the note. (AdiIRC only)
.channel - Returns channel(s). (AdiIRC only)
.text - Returns match text. (AdiIRC only)
.cs - Returns $true if case sensetive otherwise $false. (AdiIRC only)
.regex - Returns $true if regex otherwise $false. (AdiIRC only)


; Add a ignore for the nick 'Example'
/ignore -u1000 Example

; Print number of addresses in the ignore list.
//echo -ag $ignore(0)

; Print information about the 'Example' ignore.
//echo -ag $ignore(Example) type is $ignore(Example).type secs is $ignore(Example).secs