Added in 1.9.9


Returns the name/Nth position of the specified topic/item in an INI/text file.

See also $readini.
Same as $ini.


Parameter Description
file File to read from.
topic|N Topic or the Nth topic, if N = 0 number of topics, otherwise the Nth topic.
[item|N] Item or the Nth item, if N = 0 number of item, otherwise the Nth item. (optional)


; Print number of topics in '$adiircini'.
//echo -ag $initopic($adiircini,0)

; Print the name of the first topic in '$adiircini.
//echo -ag $initopic($adiircini,1)

; Check if the topic 'Messages' exists.
//echo -ag $initopic($adiirc,Messages)