Added in 1.9.0

$isalias(name, [N])

Returns $true if the specified name is an alias command that exists in your aliases or scripts, otherwise $false.


name - The alias to find.
[N] - If N = 0, number of lines for the alias, otherwise the Nth alias line. (optional)


.line - Returns the line in the file where the alias is defined. (AdiIRC only)
.fname - Returns the path and filename of the found alias.
.alias - Returns the Nth line of the alias.
.ftype - Returns "alias" if the alias is found in an alias file, otherwise "remote".


; Create an alias
alias example {
  ; Check if /example2 is an alias
  //echo -ag $isalias(example2)

  ; Returns the code of the /example2 alias "-l example2 { echo -ag Hello World }" 
  //echo -ag $isalias(example2).alias

; Create a second alias
alias -l example2 { echo -ag Hello World }