Added in 1.9.3


Returns information about the specified file or folder.

Default returns file size.

Same as $file.


filename|foldername - Filename or folder to retrieve information from.


.size - File size in bytes. (returns 0 for folders)
.ctime - Creation time. (unix timestamp)
.mtime - Last modification time. (unix timestamp)
.atime - Last access time. (unix timestamp)
.shortfn - Short file name.
.longfn - Full file name.
.attr - File attributes.
.sig - returns "ok" if digital signed, else "none".
.version - returns the file version, if any.


; Show AdiIRC.exe filesize
//echo -ag $lof($adiircexe).size

; Show explorer.exe digital signature
//echo -ag $lof(c:\windows\explorer.exe).sig