Added in 2.3


Returns $true if Notify is enabled, otherwise $false.

Added in 1.9.0


Returns the Nth nickname in your Notify list.


N|nick - Nick or if N = 0, number of nicks, otherwise the Nth nick.


.ison - Returns $true if the nick is online, otherwise $false.
.note - Returns note for this nick.
.sound - Returns online beep/filename or $null.
.sound2 - Returns offline beep/filename or $null.
.whois - Returns $true if /whois for this nick is enabled, otherwise $false.
.addr - Returns the hostname for the nick.
.network - Returns the network name set for this nick.


: Print number of notiy nicks.
//echo -ag $notify(0)

; Print the first notify nick.
//echo -ag $notify(1) is $iif($notify(1).ison, online, offline)