Added in 2.3


Returns $true if Notify is enabled, otherwise $false.

Added in 1.9.0

$notify(N|nick, [nf])

Returns the Nth nickname in your Notify list.


Parameter Description
N|nick Nick or if N = 0, number of nicks, otherwise the Nth nick.
[nf] n = Include all online nicks, f = include all offline nicks.


Property Description
.ison Returns $true if the nick is online, otherwise $false.
.note Returns note for this nick.
.sound Returns online beep/filename or $null.
.sound2 Returns offline beep/filename or $null.
.whois Returns $true if /whois for this nick is enabled, otherwise $false.
.addr Returns the hostname for the nick.
.network Returns the network name set for this nick.
.awaymsg Returns the specified away message if the user is away.
.gecos The user realname/fullname.
.account The user account name. (IRCv3 feature)
.away Returns $true if the user is away, otherwise $false.


: Print number of notiy nicks.
//echo -ag $notify(0)

; Print the first notify nick.
//echo -ag $notify(1) is $iif($notify(1).ison, online, offline)