Added in 1.8.10


Returns the name of the currently connected server, otherwise $null.

Added in 2.0


Returns the address of the Nth server in the Server List.

Only works when using the new Server List.

-1 Returns the active server, if the active server is in the new Server List.


N|address - The server address to lookup, or if N = 0, number of servers, otherwise the Nth server.
[group] - if specified, only lookup servers from this network group.


.desc - Returns the server description.
.port - Returns the server port(s).
.group - Returns the server network group.
.pass - Returns the server password.
.ssl - Returns $true if SSL is enabled, otherwise $false. (AdiIRC only)
.tls - Returns $true if STARTTLS is enabled, otherwise $false. (AdiIRC only)
.mnick - Returns the main/default nick for this server. (AdiIRC only)
.method - Returns the login method.
.methodpass - Returns the login method password.


//echo -ag There is $server(0) servers in your server list.

//echo -ag The first server in your server list is $server(1) $server(1).port

//echo -ag Libera.Chat $iif($server(,is,is not) in your server list.