Added in 3.3


Returns ID3 tag information about a file/song.

If file is not found, the default sound folder associated with the file extension is returned.

Same as $mp3.


filename - Filename to check.


.album - Album name.
.title - Song title.
.artist - Song artist.
.year - Album/song year.
.comment - Comments field.
.genre - Song genre.
.track - Album track,
.length - Song length.
.bitrate - Song bitrate.
.version - MPEG version.
.variable - $true if the song is variable bitrate, otherwise $false.
.sample - MPEG frequency rate.
.mode - MPEG mode.
.layer - MPEG layer.
.copyright - $true if copyright field is enabled, otherwise $false.
.private - $true if private field is enabled, otherwise $false.
.vbr - $true if the song bitrate is variable, otherwise $false.
.id3 - Returns the id3 tag version.
.tag - Returns the number of id3v2 tags found.
.tags - Returns the id3v3 tags found.
.crc - Returns $true if the file is CRC protected, otherwise $false.


; Print artist - title - album for 'song.mp3'
//echo -ag $sound(song.mp3).artist- $sound(song.mp3).title - $sound(song.mp3).album