Added in 1.9.3


Returns properties for the specified tip.


name/N - Tip name or If N = 0 number of open tips, otherwise the Nth tip.


.name - Tip name.
.title - Tip title.
.text - Tip text.
.delay - Delay in milliseconds until tip closes.
.iconfn - Icon file name.
.iconpos - Icon position.
.alias - Alias to be executed on double click.
.wid - Window id associated with this tip.


Allows you to create scripted tips that are independent of normal tip events. Returns Nth position of tip if it was successfully created, zero if not.

Title and text can have Control Codes.

Setting the delay to 0 makes the Tip "sticky" and have to be manually closed or the main window activated. (AdiIRC only)


; Create and show a Tip using the title 'title here' and the text 'text here'.
; Prefix with /noop to ignore the result.
//noop $tip(name, title here, text here)