Added in 3.1

/aop [-lrw] <on|off|nick|address> [#channel1,#channel2,...] [type] [network]

Add/remove/list users from the auto-op list.

/aop with no parameters shows $true if auto-op is enabled, otherwise $false.

See also $aop, /aop, /avoice, $protect, $avoice.


-l - Prints all auto-op users.
-r - Removes a address from the auto-op list. (if no address is specified, clears the auto-op list)
-w - Indicate the auto-op should be enabled on all networks.


on - Turns auto-op on.
off - Turns auto-op off.
address - The address or nick to add/remove from the auto-op list.
[#channel1,#channel2,...] - List of channels to auto-op in.
[type] - A number representing a $mask to use. (if user is not found in the internal address list, a lookup is performed)
[network] - The network to auto-op in.


; Adds 'nick!nick@' to the auto-op list on the channel '#channel'
/aop nick!nick@ #channel

; Adds 'nick!*@*' to the auto-op on any channel.
/aop nick

; Remove 'nick!nick@' from the auto-op.
/aop -r nick!nick@