Added in 1.9.0

/bread [-ta] <filename> <S> <N> <&binvar>

Reads <N> bytes starting at byte position <S> in the file and stores the result in &binvar.


-t - reads data until the next $crlf or EOF.
-a - Disables UTF-8 encoding of characters in the range 0-255, as long as the line contains no characters > 255.


<filename> - The binary file to read.
<S> - The byte position in the file to start reading from.
<N> - Number of bytes to read.
<&binvar> - The &binvar to read the data into.


;noop $example(FileA, FileB)
alias example {
   ;Read the whole file into a binary variable
   bread $qt($1) 0 $file($1).size &tempFile

   ;Write the bytes form the binary variable to a file
   bwrite $qt($2) 0 -1 &tempFile