Added in 1.8.10

/dcc fserve (TODO)
/dcc get <folder> (TODO)
/dcc maxcps <N> (TODO)
/dcc nick -sgcf <oldnick> <newnick> (TODO)
/dcc passive [on | off] (TODO)
/dcc reject (TODO)
/dcc trust [-r] <on | off | nick | address | level> (TODO)

See also $dccignore.

/dcc chat <nick>

Starts a dcc chat with nick.

; Starts a dcc chat with Nick.
/dcc chat Nick

/dcc ignore [on|off|accept|ignore]

Enables or disables the dcc filetype ignore.


[on|off|accept|ignore] - Enable/disable ignore or set the ignore type.


; Enable dcc ignore accept.
/dcc ignore accept

; Disable dcc ignore.
/dcc ignore off

/dcc send|ssend [-clmn] <nick> ]file1] [file2] ... [fileN]

Starts a dcc file transfer to nick.

ssend requires a ssl client certificate which can be set in Options -> Server -> Certificate file or in the Serverlist.


-c - TODO
-l - TODO
-m - TODO
-n - TODO


send|ssend - Starts a file transfer or a secure file transfer.
<nick> - Nick to start a file transfer to.
[file1] [file2] ... [fileN] - Files to transfer, if no files are defined, a select file dialog will open.


; Starts a dcc file transfer to Nick.
/dcc send Nick