Added in 2.3

/echomonitor [color] [-hcrtNuvwN] [color name] <text>

Prints text in the server or channel monitor using the specified color (0 to 99).

See also Monitor Panels.


-h - Print to the channel monitor instead of server monitor.
-c - Indicates [color] is a color name.
-f - Apply flash options.
-tN - Apply timestamp prefix options. N is a optional UTC value to use for the timestamp.
-u - Disables using first word as prefix for nick column.
-v - Treats first word as a timestamp.
-wN - if N = 0, replaces emoticon tags in all token except the first one, N = 1, replaces only the first token, N = 2, replaces all tokens.


[color] - A numeric color value to use as line color (0 to 37).
[color name] - Used with the -c switch. One of the following: Action, ctcp, highlight, info, info2, invite, join, part, quit, kick, mode, topic, nick, normal, notice, notify, other, own, wallops, whois.
<text> - The text to print.


; Print 'Some text' to the Server monitor.
/echomonitor -t Some text

; Print 'Some text' to the Channel monitor.
/echomonitor -ht Some text