Added in 1.8.10

/fopen [-nox] <handle> <filename>

Opens the specified file and assigns a name to it for later reference. The open fails if the file does not exist.


-n - Creates the file if it does not exists, fails if the file exists.
-o - Creates a new file, overwrites if it exists.
-x - Opens the file in exclusive access.


<handle> - Handle to assign the file.
<filename> - Path/Filename to open.


alias fopen_example {
  ;Open hello.txt file.
  /fopen -n h hello.txt

  ;Error check
  if ($ferr) {
    /echo -sce info * /fopen_example: $err

  ;Write 'Hello There' to the file.
  /fwrite h Hello There

  ;Close the handle.
  /fclose h

  ;Open file in default editor.
  /run hello.txt