Added in 2.9

/globalkeys [-adu] [key] [command]

Adds a global hotkey which will trigger without AdiIRC window being focused.

Format is key+key.

Modifiers: Ctrl, Shift, Alt.

Valid key names can be found here.

Typing /globalkeys with no parameters lists the current keys.


Switch Description
-a Adds a new key.
-d Deletes a key.
-u Updates the command for a key.


Parameter Description
[key] The key to add.
[command] The command to run when the key is pressed.


; Create a alias called 'ctrldcommand'.
alias ctrldcommand { echo -ag ctrl+D was pressed }

; Register the shortcut Ctrl+D.
/globalkeys -a Ctrl+D /ctrldcommand
; Pressing CTRL+D will now execute the '/ctrldcommand' alias.

; Unregister the hotkey.
/globalkeys -d Ctrl+D