Added in 1.5

/google [-p] [-nN] [-t] [-d] [-s] [window] <text>

Searches google for text and prints the output to current window or [window].

See also /pgoogle.

Switches can not be combined.


-p (or using /pgoogle) - Send the result to the channel instead of printing.
-t - Specifies a 'window' is defined.
-nN - Show N results.
-d - Search using DuckDuckGo instead of Google.
-s - Show/announce the text to be searched.


[window] - Window to show the result.
<text> - Text to search.


; Search for 'Star Wars' and print 5 results.
/google -n5 Star wars

; Search for 'Natalie Portman' and send the result to #channel.
/google -p -t #channel Natalie Portman