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h1. IRC Channels 

 Of course there is only the official #adiirc on freenode. 
 But AdiIRC does have some notable unofficial channels or other related channels on other networks 

 h3. Official/Officially Owned Channels 

 * "freenode": - "#adiirc":irc:// 
 * "NordicIRC": - "#adiirc":irc:// 


 h3. Unofficial Channels 

 * "Rizon": - "#AdiIRC":irc:// 
 * "ElectroCode": - "#AdiIRC":irc:// 

 The Both of the current unofficial channel has channels have a bot by the name of AdiIRC AdiHelper in it. them. 
 Those with voice or above on the network these networks are trusted by the owner of the unofficial channel. channels. 
 They will try to give you help if they are around. Otherwise we suggest also popping into the official channels. 


 h2. Client Bugs / Issues 

 If its a Bug or other kind of issue with AdiIRC, submit an issue. Include any info you can about what causes it, 
 especially if this bug causes AdiIRC to crash. We can't really help you by building the best IRC client, 
 if you don't help us by letting us know things that are impeding its progress. 

 h2. Bot Bugs / Issues 

 The bot is currently able to give info on select identifiers, commands, and events. 
 Work is being done by the bot developer (see below) to sync the bot with the current features of AdiIRC. 

 If there's a problem with the bot, See '!Adi info' for contact information. 

 If its pertinent and critical, highlight the bot developer in #adiirc on freenode, under the nick of kspencer. 
 If you're on Rizon or ElectroCode, he's the owner of the channels. (Iota/Ken-Sama)