Added in 1.9.9

/ialmark [-nrw] <nick> [name] [text]

Marks the IAL entry for a nickname with the specified text.

See also $ialmark, $ial.


-n - Indicates [name] is defined, If -n is not Defined, the default name 'default' is used.
-r - Removes the mark.
-w - Indicates [name] is a wildcard.


<nick> - Nick to mark.
[name] - Name of the mark.
[Text] - Text to mark.


; Mark the nick 'Nick' with the text 'Hello World'.
/ialmark Nick Hello World

; Print the mark.
//echo -ag $ial(Nick).mark

; Sets a mark for the nick 'nick' with the name 'markname' and the text 'mark text'.
/ialmark -n nick markname mark text

; Retrieve the mark text for the name 'markname'.
//echo -ag $ialmark(nick, markname)