Added in 2.4

/icon [-mscptufnrheiob | window] <filename>

Sets or resets the icon for the specified window type or window.


-m - Main icon.
-s - Server icon.
-c - Channel icon.
-p - Query icon.
-t - Tool icon.
-u - Custom icon.
-f - Folder icon.
-u - Custom icon.
-n - Notify icon.
-r - Resets icon.
-h - Highlight icon.
-e - Treebar arrow down icon.
-i - Treebar arrow right icon.
-o - Scroll to bottom arrow.
-b - Treebar close icon.


[window] - Window to change icon for, if no icon is defined and no window type is defined, current window is used.
<filename> - The filename of the icon.


; Change the channel icon.
/icon -c C:\Users\User\Pictures\icon1.ico

; Reset the channel icon.
/icon -cr