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 h1. Inline Images 

 Experimental support for Inline images was added "in this 64 bit build": and "this 32 bit build":, this may or may not become a feature depending on feedback/issues discovered. 

 Support for setting custom domains and including/excluding channels may be added later. 

 Up to 5 links is allowed per message, duplicates are removed. 

 h2. Testing 

 *When enabled, all links ending with a image file extension will be downloaded, so don't enable if you are on channels/networks you don't trust.* 

 I don't recommend testing this in your daily driver, instead download the AdiIRC.exe to a folder somewhere and run it from there. 

 It can be useful to keep the [[Rawlog Dialog|Rawlog]] open to see any errors when loading images. 

 h2. Enabling Inline Images support 

 All options is currently done through the [[/setoption]] command. 

 To enable, type: 

 /setoption InlineImages UseInlineImages True 

 To disable, type: 

 /setoption InlineImages UseInlineImages False 

 _When the support is disabled, all inline images is removed from all text buffers._ 

 h2. Enabling animate gifs 

 To enable, type: 

 /setoption InlineImages AnimateInlineImages True 

 To disable, type: 

 /setoption InlineImages AnimateInlineImages False 

 _When the support is disabled, all gifs will stop animating and show the first frame as a static image._ 

 h2. Changing the maximum image size in bytes 

 By default only images smaller than 2 megabytes is downloaded, this can be changed by typing: 

 /setoption InlineImages InlineImagesMaxBytes N 

 Where N is the new maximum number of bytes to allow. 

 h2. Changing the image sizes 

 By default all images which cannot fit in 20 lines using the current font is downsized, the number of lines can be changed by typing: 

 /setoption InlineImages InlineImagesMaxLines N 

 Where N is the new maximum number of lines before the image is resized. 

 _The images keeps their aspect ration when resized, resizing by width is not supported, so a very wide image could be cut off._ 

 h2. Cache 

 All downloaded images are saved to [[$scriptdir]]\Cache\Preview, the folder is cleared automatically when AdiIRC is closed. 

 Some option for handling cache may be added in the future. 

 h2. Feedback 

 Would like to hear how slow/fast loading and painting the images is, and whether cpu usage is acceptable. 

 Since Taskbar memory usage is not accurate at all for .NET programs, the output from the [[/imagecache]] command could be useful to determine memory usage. 

 The /imagecache command also prints the number of images in the cache, it would be useful to know whether it shrinks properly when a window buffer is cleared or the image line is removed in other ways. 

 Information whether everything works as expected without inline images enabled would also be useful. 

 Whether cpu usage goes down when there is no visible animated gifs. 

 Whether all images are inserted in the correct place underneath the link.