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 h1. Monitor Panels 


 Monitor panels are a set of panels which allows you to monitor various information for all or some windows/events. 

 Panels can be enabled disabled from the View menu or from the [[/dockpanels]] command. 

 By default they are docked inside AdiIRC to the left,right,top or bottom and can be grouped together as tabs. 

 There are various options for the monitor panels in [[Options Dialog|Options]] -> [[Monitor_Options|Monitor]]. 

 h2. Moving a monitor panel 

 To move a panel, either grab the tab or the control header and drag it to where you want it to be, if you drag it on top of another panel, it will become a tab, if you drag it to the left,right,top or bottom, it will split the current panel into two and show them side by side or top/bottom. 

 The position,size and dock status of all panels are saved and restored. 

 _"Lock Bars" must be disabled to move a panel, to disable, right-click in Menubar/Toolbar/Switchbar/Statusbar/Treebar._ 

 h2. Detach a monitor panel into a window 

 Monitor panels can also be detached from AdiIRC as a separate window, by right-click menu Undock or by dragging it to the middle of the AdiIRC main window. 

 When detached, the window can then be attached to AdiIRC as a regular window by pressing %(key)CTRL% + %(key)D%. 

 The position,size and dock status of all panels are saved and restored. 

 h2. Treebar 

 Shows the Treebar. 

 h2. Server messages 

 Monitors server/status messages for all servers. 

 h2. Channel messages 

 Monitors channel messages for all channels on all servers. 

 h2. Private messages 

 Monitors private messages for all private chats on all servers. 

 h2. Notices 

 Monitors notice messages on all servers. 

 h2. Highlights 

 Monitors highlighted messages on all servers. 

 h2. Notify 

 Shows the Notify list. 

 h2. URL catcher 

 Monitors URL's/links found in any message on all servers. 

 h2. DCC Transfers 

 Shows the DCC transfers list. 

 h2. Nicklist 

 Shows a Nicklist for the current channel.