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AdiIRC 2.7 - 02-15-2017

Added help button to Rawlog
Added ability to resize datagrid columns to preferred width by double clicking the resize separator
Added "check for brackets" menu aligned to the right in Script Editor
Added ability to ignoring Monitor Panels by network:channel
Added option to ignore channel/query messages for current active window in Monitor Panels
Added option to exclude duplicate messages in Monitor Panels
Added new channel list which supports control codes/colors and is a lot faster
Added option to highlight lines matching the hovering nick
Added "type to find" to new Treebar
Added option to use extended list of colors for random nick colors
Added show current filename when searching logs in log manager
Added padding around controls in Options, Serverlist, Theme manager
Added search icon to the search box in Options and Serverlist
Added option to show close icons in Script Editor
Added CTRL + C hotkey and menu item to copy the selected scripts path to clipboard in Script Editor
Added new Treebar to Options, Themes, Script Editor, Serverlist, Rawlog
Added menu item to clear recent files in Script Editor
Added menu to disable/ignore individual scripts in Script Editor
Added Editbox tab in Options
Added CTRL + SHIFT + K hotkey to insert alternative colorchar in Editbox
Added option to highlight Treebar network tab when collapsed
Added preview of default icons in icon options
Added option to disable smooth scroll in Script Editor
Added option to change colors for monitor panels
Added new datagrid to /logs and monitor panels
Added option to set custom quit message per server in serverlist
Added SHIFT + mousewheel hotkey to scroll through windows
Added SHIFT + TAB to and from Searchbox if visible
Added SHIFT + TAB to focus the Nicklist monitor panel if visible and window Nicklist is off
Added CTRL + SPACE on a selected nick in the Editbox to open the Nicklist context menu
Added option to use a flat Treebar
Added option to show close icon in Treebar
Added the Treebar monitor panel special rules for Nicklist monitor panel
Added option to ignore highlights when a message has multiple nicks
Added add/edit address/unset ban timer dialog in channel editor
Added support for quiet list on some networks in channel editor
Added useful right-click menus to Connect/Disconnect/Serverlist/Channelist icons in Toolbar
Added option to limit a highlight match to a specific network only
Added option to set scroll to bottom arrow icon
Added new Serverlist tab "Misc" to set Regain nick/User mode/Ban type per server
Added checkbox to toggle show password in Serverlist and make nick/alt/fullname/password textboxes wider
Added /setoption Misc UseXButtons True/False option to enable or disable changing channel windows when using the back/forward mouse buttons/touchpad
Fixed Rawlog Treebar split width should be saved/restored
Fixed Dcc Transfer monitor panel should show both formatted and full bytes when finished
Fixed Hidden monitor panels are sometimes restored when a new monitor is added
Fixed expand nicklist tooltip option size
Fixed Spellcheck should be rechecked when dictionaries are deleted
Fixed Windows -> Reset all window sizes does not reset tool windows properly
Fixed Winamp media player window is not always detect
Fixed Winamp m3u path should not be reset when new winamp path is discovered
Fixed allow changing tabs in tabcontrol by typing part of the text
Fixed Monitor panels should not auto scroll unless already scrolled to bottom and shouldn't change selection
Fixed SHIFT + HOME doesn't work properly in Script Editor
Fixed speed up icon flashing speed in Treebar/Switchbar
Fixed Treebar/Switchbar custom windows should be sorted excluding the @
Fixed some highlight regex patterns can cause a crash
Fixed Nicklist monitor panel should be pinned by default
Fixed closing undocked Treebar or Nicklist monitor panel using the header close button doesn't work
Fixed some font weight options are not restored properly
Fixed global Nicklist is not always synced after restoring main window from system tray
Fixed Switchbar separator is sometimes missing
Fixed clicking Add/Edit/Remove channel/server in Serverlist can cause a crash
Fixed Main icon lacks 128x128 256x256 sizes
Fixed Theme manager should save and restore the current theme/scheme
Fixed sending long messages should try split at word boundaries
Fixed MDI Windows are sometimes "stuck"
Fixed Nicklist monitor panel should not show custom window listbox items
Fixed Nicklist selections is sometimes wrong after nick are added/removed/changed
Fixed new Treebar sometimes draws non visible nodes which could make drawing slow
Fixed clarify "Confirm closing while connected to server" is for closing AdiIRC
Fixed Highlight alerts should not be logged
Fixed Tabcomplete crashes when trying to tabcomplete some Unicode characters
Fixed pressing Enter key in Nicklist should execute the Options -> Mouse command
Fixed Dcc resume doesn't work if the port was changed
Fixed Dcc transfer monitor panel should show the renamed filename
Fixed "Save As" and "Rename" menu items should be disabled when multiple files are selected in Script Editor
Fixed "Open in external editor" and "Open folder" should open all selected files in Script Editor
Fixed Custom windows should not use global Nicklist background image
Fixed Monitor panel Nicklist has wrong default background color
Fixed Treebar sometimes does not properly scroll a node into view
Fixed DCC resume does not always work properly
Fixed Dcc chat connections are not always closed correctly when the chat window is closed
Fixed clicking channel window in Treebar for a unjoined channel causes a crash
Fixed previous selected text are in some cases accidently copied to clipboard
Fixed remove all ALT+A, CTRL+ALT+A keybinds since they interfere with some keyboard layouts
Fixed Emoticons without triggers should be ignored
Fixed dragging Toolbar itoms to the Toolbar doesn't always work properly
Fixed CTRL + C doesn't work in filter box in Channel list
Fixed Treebar unread count doesn't always show correctly on server nodes
Fixed "Select color" dialog should be shown below when opened from Topicbox
Fixed Treebar network collapsed status is not saved/restored properly
Fixed whois "signed on" and channels is not always displayed correctly
Fixed allow default quit message to be evaluated per server
Fixed userhost error should be hidden on networks which doesn't support it
Fixed Serverlist should not allow duplicate channel names
Fixed Nicklist is not properly reset after a bouncer disconnect/reconnect
Fixed Script Editor "Alias" menu sometimes crashes
Fixed Log manager should save sort order
Fixed the Serverlist listbox should scroll when dragging networks to the edges
Fixed external programs writing to the Editbox when spell cheking is enabled doesn't work
Fixed removed limit for auto away time
Fixed dropdowns in Options dialog should require focus before allow mouse scrolling
Fixed spellchecking is to slow on some systems
Fixed clicking Add/Edit dcc folder causes a crash
Fixed Ctrl + H to cycle highlights sometimes stops working
Fixed RAW 346.348,367,728 is not formatted correctly
Fixed unread line marker is not drawn correctly when using pixel spacing
Fixed leading/Trailing hyphens should be excluded from spellchecking
Fixed restoring channel logs can sometimes cause a crash
Consolidated all font options into a "Fonts" tab


Added new menu types ChannelLink/Link
Added support for VT_ARRAYs of VT_UI1 and VT_I1 items in $com
Added middle/x mouse button 1/x mouse button 2 support to $mouse.key
Added missing popup file feature for /toolbar
Added missing parameter "3state" for /dialog check
Added missing parameters -f -c -t for $input
Added missing parameter -s for /scon /scid
Added missng parameter -k for /did
Added missing option "flat" for /dialog buttons
Added "mclick", "dmclick", "drclick" mouse menu for custom windows
Added new event on MSCROLL
Added missng/new events rclick,dclick,uclick,mclick for $hotlink
Added missing command /hotlink
Added new arguments -ConfigFolder <path> and -cmd <command> to AdiIRC.exe
Added new commands /showmenu,/linemarker
Added new/missing identifiers $songfile,$iql,$ocolor,$topicbox,$updating,$emoticons,$calias(N),$menuicon,$dccignore
Added new parameters -o -b for /icon
Added new parameters -ihcn for /options
Added new parameters -c -C -i for /editbox
Added new parameters -x -r -w -o -m -c -n -f -g -p for /font
Added new parameters -IN -S -RN -B for /echo /echox
Added new parameters -a -bN -eN -fN -p -v -c -k for /topicbox
Added new parameter -N for /filter /savebuf
Added new parameter -i for /dockpanels
Added new parameter -w for /url
Added new parameter -a for /dns
Added new parameter -T[N] for /window
Added new parameter -gN for /toolbar
Added new parameter -b for /aline /rline /iline
Added new property .network for $highlight()
Added new property .iql for $chan/$channel
Added new property .state for $dialog()
Added new properties .mscrollpos .mscrollmax .topicbox for $window
Added new properties .color/.backcolor/.rgbcolor/.rgbbackcolor for $editbox
Added new operator isquiet
Fixed show filename and line number for script errors in the default popup file
Fixed $line().rgbcolor should return rgb line color for text buffers
Fixed $hotline should include control codes
Fixed /draw* color parameter is not always validated correctly
Fixed /did -e -b -d -c -u and $did().state doesn't work properly with menu items
Fixed $longfn doesn't work with quotes
Fixed /dialog stacking "box" items doesn't always work properly
Fixed $did errors shows wrong script line
Fixed $cpuload/toolbar cpu monitor can cause a UI freeze
Fixed on DIALOG "sclick" event doesn't trigger corretly for listbox
Fixed /statusbar text should exclude leading/trailing quotes
Fixed /toolbar alias/popup is not validated correctly
Fixed isin operator doesn't work properly with some locals
Fixed /echo /echox -sa should not print to status window twice
Fixed $tip sometimes execute the alias on the wrong server
Fixed /dialog is sometimes showed in the wrong position
Fixed /cline /rline doesn't work properly with line color
Fixed $line $fline should not return the line color with control code
Fixed $gfxram returns wrong value on cards with more than 4gb vram
Fixed /scon /scid -tN doesn't work properly
Fixed /did -e -b doesn't work properly when the "disable" option is set for the /dialog
Fixed /run is not always parsed correctly
Fixed /dialog aleft aright atop abottom parameters doesn't work properly
Fixed $mouse.key sometimes returns wrong value
Fixed /writeini /remini /hsave should be written without BOM
Fixed $findfile $finddir is not sorted correcly on filepaths with special characters
Fixed /window parameters are not always validated correctly
Fixed some event variables are not properly handed down to aliases
Fixed $matchkey, $eventid does not always return correct value
Fixed /timer -p -r -e should not show "timer not found" errors
Fixed error messages should be shown after the script ends
Fixed error messages targeted to listbox/picture/panel/tool windows should be shown in associated or first status window
Fixed $adiircexe should return the real path to the adiirc.exe file
Fixed /font -z <font> should set the default font as well
Fixed some issues with local variables inside on DIALOG events
Fixed /dialog -c should close the dialog if there are no cancel button defined
Fixed /goto inside while/if/else/elseif blocks doesn't work properly
Fixed $0 sometimes returns wrong value
Fixed /set /hadd /hdec /hinc -u0 is sometimes reset too early
Fixed $v1 lost in /if OR statements
Fixed $com bool values is not handled correcly
Fixed $input when -b parameter is enabled and timer is up, the textbox should have focus
Fixed $com is missing "integer" "single" value types
Fixed $com(N) returns wrong value
Fixed /list parameters should update the filter settings in Channel List
Fixed /window -wN does not restore the Switchbar color
Fixed $window().sbstate returns wrong value in some cases
Fixed $regsubex parameter is not always evaluated correctly
Fixed $iif should show an error if expression is empty
Fixed commented menu items are not always stripped
Fixed rename /cycle to /cycleall to allow the server /cycle command to work
Fixed submenu items at the start of a menu block should have leading dots trimmed
Fixed /hsave should show a error if the write failed
Fixed /copy -o doesn't work properly
Fixed "rclick", "dclick", "lbclick" mouse menu for custom windows doesn't always work
Fixed on HOTLINK is not triggered properly
Fixed #$input doesn't work
Fixed on DNS halt default output does not work
Fixed $dns(0) returns wrong value with some properties
Fixed /load /reload insert doesn't work properly
Fixed allow =$nick to be evaluated for use in dcc chat windows
Fixed on OPEN/CLOSE doesn't work properly with dcc chats
Fixed /did -s doesn't work
Fixed $chan # is sometimes $null when not connected to a server
Fixed $pos $poscs crashes with some values
Fixed /msg /say /query /me /describe doesn't work with =nicks
Fixed matching chat windows with =nick doesn't work in all events
Fixed on CHAT event doesn't always trigger correctly
Fixed $asctime(z) returns wrong value on some timezones
Fixed /hsave -i does not properly clear the section before writing
Fixed /toolbar -i should have priority over -a
Fixed $toolbar(N) doesn't work for the last item
Fixed /alias should not trigger file is modified warning
Fixed /showmirc /showadiirc -n should maximize if previous state was maximized
Fixed $osedition returns wrong value on Windows RT systems
Fixed /drawtext is not validated correctly with some parameters
Fixed /icon are sometimes not saved to config file
Fixed invalid lines are not always excluded correctly when parsing a script
Fixed /hinc /hdec should not reset the unset time
Fixed /quickconnect should not be shown as a locked dialog
Fixed on ACTIVE allow matching monitor panels/rawlog with ~ prefix
Fixed "Whois on private message" should not trigger when the message is halted
Fixed /timers off doesn't work
Fixed /hmake is not always parsed correctly
Fixed /toolbar -zN is not selecting the correct sized icon

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AdiIRC 2.6 - 08-11-2016

Added option to set Treebar down/right arrow icons
Added option to set a highlight icon for channel/query windows in Treebar
Added option to log session start/close
Fixed adding a emoticon with a invalid icon can cause a crash
Fixed "Save open servers on exit" should not remove channels without autojoin
Fixed Window -> Reset All Window Sizes should not reset other window options
Fixed some window settings are not restored properly when "Save and restore window size/positions" is disabled
Fixed window location are sometimes not restored correctly when using multiple monitors
Fixed "No such nick" errors should be shown in the query window
Fixed some users are not removed properly from the Nicklist
Fixed joining channels sometimes doesn't work if nick is changed during connect or when reconnecting
Fixed changing Switchbar font should resize the buttons
Fixed Monitor panels sort order is not restored properly
Fixed column width for undocked monitor panels are not saved/restored
Fixed channel prefix for nicks in messages doesn't work unless nick colors are enabled
Fixed log writes should be buffered and written in batches
Fixed Autohide Nicklist should only be shown for the active window
Removed nick column width per window since it just causes confusion
Changed "Options -> Highlights -> Flash on" text to better reflect it's for main window/taskbar flashing


Added new parameters -h -i -e for /icon
Added missing identifier $samepath
Added missing parameter -n for /list
Added missing parameters -o -f for /rename
Added missing parameter -f for /copy
Fixed /hmake should show a error if the initial capacity is too large
Fixed /notify sometimes causes a crash
Fixed /saveini steals window focus
Fixed /signal is not validated correctly
Fixed only one match of an scripting event in each file should trigger
Reverted changes to how duplicate menu items are merged

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AdiIRC 2.5 - 04-10-2016

Added dock menu for undocked monitor panels
Added icon preview in Icon options
Added copy/paste menu to the custom Highlight/Nicklist color
Added option to open server history/favorites in a new window by default
Added Topicbox right-click menu to set custom Show options
Added option to enable/disable ignore dcc filetypes
Added option to set command to run when double-clicking in windows and on nicks
Added right-click menus in Treebar/Switchbar to add servers and add/edit channels
Added server favorites menu
Added option to set border style for undocked windows
Added "Show on desktop" and "On top" window menus for tool windows
Added separate confirmatiion on closing windows for server/channel/private windows
Added option to set Treebar spacing
Added option to show/hide vertical scrollbar in Treebar
Added new Treebar written from scratch which fixes a lot of common issues
Added default Nicklist menus for Notify
Added space keybind to toggle channel autojoin in serverlist
Added option to set default monitor panel icon
Added quick connect submenu in Server menu
Added option to set action if a dcc transfer file exists
Added popup preview menu in Edit Menus
Added support for ircv3 CHGHOST extension
Added option to flash tray icon on channel message
Added option to show Notify list in Treebar
Added option to set Treebar background image
Added option to strip colors in the Topicbox
Added (Possibly) Fixed a crash when adding a tv as a second screen
Fixed z-order is sometimes wrong when activating a window when AdiIRC is not focused
Fixed icons should not be resized if size equals target size
Fixed mouse scrolling and resize Nicklist is not possible when Authode Nicklist is enabled
Fixed allow more mouse movement before showing the Nicklist when autohide is enabled
Fixed empty fullname in Serverlist doesn't work
Fixed Theme compression detection is not always working properly
Fixed Random nick colors doesn't work for emotes
Fixed Nick colors doesn't work for messages from nicks not in the channel and in private windows
Fixed Rawlog/Script debugger listbox should use messages background/normal colors
Fixed rename Options -> Monitor to Monitor Panels to avoid confusion
Fixed invisible characters should be trimmed from the server hostname
Fixed disconnecting a server while identd is running sometimes causes a crash
Fixed message time is wrong when timezone changes
Fixed Dcc resume sometimes doesn't work
Fixed improve detection for when drawing menubar/toolbar/switchbar border is needed
Fixed change all help buttons to icons for better visibility
Fixed changing Serverlist channels should not add/remove the channels to/from the rejoin channels list
Fixed rejoining channels sometimes doesn't work when delay join is enabled
Fixed allow tabcomplete channels in the serverlist without autojoin enabled
Fixed apply Nicklist icons in Theme manager doesn't work
Fixed changing nick column options from the right-click menu should repaint the nick column
Fixed Emoticon triggers should be trimmed
Fixed Alt + left/right should exclude windows hidden from Switchbar
Fixed allow shift click help buttons to force open the wiki instead of the help file
Fixed Treebar/Switchbar sometimes shows the wrong nick when "Show nick name" is enabled
Fixed allow multiple font weights in Treebar and Nicklist
Fixed Home/End keys should go to first and last row in Monitor panels
Fixed Monitor panels are sometimes not visible after restart
Fixed allow multiple aliases files
Fixed allow different cased words to be added to spellcheck
Fixed sending dcc transfer files to yourself doesn't show properly in the dcc transfer monitor panel
Fixed Notify list/Dcc transfer Titlebar and Treebar count is not always updated correctly
Fixed highlight sounds should have priority
Fixed make options searchbox more visible
Fixed double-clicking a nick in the Treebar Nicklist should open a query
Fixed applying themes should not delete original backgrounds and icon files unless they are in the cache folder
Fixed adding scripts to theme bundles doesn't work unless they are selected
Fixed border style set to none and show Titlebar disabled at the same time causes various issues
Fixed restoring mainwindow maximized/minimized is not working properly
Fixed Monitor panel tabs/header should use the custom monitor panel font
Fixed font dialog buttons are missing text in Options
Fixed Serverlist should show scrollbars when needed
Fixed restore message logs does not work for some nicks/channels
Replaced donate menu with getting involved


Added new parameter -n for /icon
Added new command /channels
Added missing parameter -a for /load /reload /unload
Added missing parameter ignore [on | off | accept | ignore] for /dcc
Added mts support for the "Unload" event
Fixed /window -r doesn't work for the active window
Fixed %::chan is not set for raw 329 in the mts generator
Fixed /toolbar -r should not remove media player icons
Fixed $network is $null on some networks
Fixed $osversion $osedition returns wrong value on home versions
Fixed submenu items at the start of a menu block should not be added
Fixed duplicate menu items doesn't work
Fixed $& is not always working correctly
Fixed $network is not properly reset when connecting a new network
Changed /ctcp ping from seconds to milliseconds

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AdiIRC 2.4 - 20-08-2016

Added option to ignore channels from auto join on invite
Added option to show a line between messages
Added option to use alternative (slower but more accurate) text rendering
Added right click menu to change nickcolumn visibility
Added option to show a scroll down icon when scrolled up in message buffer
Added dropdown item to select any rgb color for highlights and nickcolors
Added menuitem to undo add to dictionary
Added horizontal scrollbar to Channel list
Added menuitem and shortcut to save monitor panel data to a tabbed file
Added support for shortcuts with minimize/maximize option set
Added options to enable/disable fast dcc get/send
Added new keybind ctrl + shift + f and menu item in script editor to search all files
Added option to word wrap script editor
Added "search all" checkbox in script editor and add regex search
Added ctrl + tab/ctrl + shift + tab shortcuts for cycle recent scripts in script editor
Added Editbox rightclick menu to ignore spelling for nicks in channel
Added option to enable/disable mute status in Options -> Sounds
Added option to enable/disable rejoin channels on reconnect
Added option to blink Switchbar/Treebar text
Added option to only show unread message count/hide system message count in Treebar
Added option to show/hide network and nick name in Treebar
Added option to hide channel key from Titlebar and Statusbar
Added support for xdcc links
Added option to show a tip message when selecting text from the message buffer
Added ctrl+shift+g keybind and menuitem in script manager to go to character position
Added ctrl+shift+t keybind and menuitem in script manager to restore the last unloaded script(s)
Added shift + click Titlebar minimize icon keybind
Added global highlight sound/tips/flash options and allow reference regex result from highlight run command
Added alias menu in script editor
Added new/missing Ignore/Notify/Address book option for Nick colors and Nick icons
Added custom window font weight option to Treebar
Added bomi and mpv nowplaying support
Added ctrl + e keybind to show a choose emoticons popup
Added option to autohide scrollbar in textview and Nicklist
Added all missings font settings to themes
Added option to show dcc transfer progress in taskbar icon
Added apply theme dialog to allow only apply some settings
Added help button in options and other dialogs
Added shift + up/down keybind in Serverlist to move network up/down
Added option to log nickcolumn char
Added option to use dcc through proxy
Added search text hint in Options and Serverlist searchbox
Added missing keybinds alt + n/alt + u/alt + d/alt + p
Added option to allow embed background images/icons/emoticons/nick colors/scripts with themes
Allow pressing shift when pressing "Connect/Connect in a new window" in the Serverlist to just open the server window
Allow CTRL + S to save theme in theme manager
Allow loading by network name from irc:// links
Allow right click titlebar of undocked window to roll it down/up
Allow tabcomplete nicks based on channel prefix
Allow filtering combobox with multiple characters
Allow more keys to be used for global schortcut show/hide
Fixed all tool forms should be shown on the mainform and ctrl + d shortcut for toggle "show on desktop"
Fixed get favicon doesn't work on some network with a valid icon
Fixed server favicons should be reset when connecting a new network
Fixed Nicklist panel should not use global border size
Fixed webdings/wingdings fonts doesn't work properly
Fixed Quick connect dialog and server history menus should open in current server window, unless shift is pressed
Fixed dhange Rawlog/Script debugger dropdown to a listbox and sync open servers/scripts
Fixed editing a server in the Serverlist causes the network to move position
Fixed renaming a script in Script Editor with invalid characters causes a crash
Fixed undocked channel/server monitor should show unread message count in Treebar
Fixed alt + backspace is not undoing correctly when spellchecking is enabled
Fixed Script editor saving scripts should only trim newlines at the end
Fixed clicking the active window in the Switchbar when mainwindow is not active should not hide the window
Fixed Script editor recent files menu is not working properly
Fixed custom window icon is not properly removed when closed
Fixed translations detection is not working properly for some languages
Fixed Toolbar right separator should always be visible
Fixed Script editor "check brackets" should only trim whitespaces
Fixed Script editor menus does not restore focus to the text buffer
Fixed change Alt + A keybind for toggle "Always On Top" to Ctrl + Alt + A since it's too easy to accidentally hit
Fixed color/font tags in Tips message is stripped from some events
Fixed autojoin channels should try to fit into 512 bytes per join line
Fixed save/restore editbox history in server windows doesn't work
Fixed Home/End keys doesn't work in rawlog search box
Fixed track away status should only sync once on servers with away-notify enabled
Fixed track away status should be disabled on network without proper /who support
Fixed track away status requests too many channel updates
Fixed Monitor highlight buffer option doesn't work
Fixed Highlight alert should show network name, not host name
Fixed Switchbar font is not aligned properly in height
Fixed username and Fullname should be optional for connecting to a network
Fixed multiple highlight nicks in the same line is not always matched
Fixed show split long messages as one message instead of individual messages
Fixed AdiIRC with .NET 4.5 should use a .NET 4.5 version of Update.exe
Fixed confirmation dialogs is shown on top of the wrong window
Fixed Tabcomplete identifiers with comma doesn't work
Fixed Editbox history should be saved/restored without BOM
Fixed unloading multiple scripts from script editor should show a warning
Fixed selecting text in the script editor linenumbers doesn't work
Fixed Dcc folder "Open with" and "run command" should not run when the file is incomplete
Fixed Dcc transfer warning on quit shows wrong tranfer count
Fixed Quick connect servers should be populated from Serverlist and default Serverlist
Fixed leading/trailing t-_\"' characters matches from links should be excluded
Fixed iTunes now playing sometimes doesn't work after iTunes restarts
Fixed Dcc get complete text should show time and bytes per seconds
Fixed all open/save file dialogs should have a common filter list
Fixed Server Monitor is missing a space if dispaly network name is enabled
Fixed text is not line wrapped correctly when using a big left border and Nickcolumn enabled
Fixed Server Monitor uses wrong background color
Fixed /who results are not displayed correctly


Added ssend ssl support for /dcc
Added support for using $chr(4) as a trigger for rgb colors
Added new identifier $isadmin
Added new command /autoconnect, /oline, /icon, /inick, /fget
Added new parameter s for $strip
Added new parameter [network] for /tab
Added new parameter -b for /load /reload
Added new parameter -u for /dialog
Added new parameter -dN for /debug
Added new parameter -t for /rawlog
Added new parameter -r for /menubar /statusbar
Added new parameter -t [rgb] for /window
Added new parameter -t for /cline
Added new parameter -l for /tip
Added new parameters "right" "center" for /dialog "link"
Added new parameters -tscpnhoud for /dockpanels
Added new parameters on|off for /nickcolumn
Added new parameters -a -g for /debug
Added new property .isaway for $ial $ialchan
Added new property .cnick for $ialchan
Added new property .line for $group()
Added new property .icon for $dialog()
Added new properties .historyfile .iconfile .backgroundfile for $window
Added new property .rgbcolor for $cline $highlight
Added new identifiers $inick, $scripts, $calias, $nickcolumn
Added new/missing properties .ignore/.notify/.abook for $cnick
Added missing properties .ansync .fontcs for $window
Added missing properties .inwho .banlist .ibl .iel .iil for $chan
Added missing parameters .sport .saddr for $sock
Added missing parameter -1 for $get $send
Added missing parameters -e -c for /drawrect
Added missing parameter sN for /load /reload
Added missing parameters -aoynrvgbiqwhdsukNm and missing identifiers $ok, $yes, $no, $cancel, $timeout for $input
Added missing parameters -r -c -m -i -e -b -w -h -kN for /toolbar
Added missing parameters -h -m -i for /draw*
Added missing parameter -t for /did
Added missing parameter -n for /quote /raw /rawx
Added missing parameters -c -d for /drawtext
Added missing parameter -s for /drawfill
Added missing properties .ftype .alias and parameter [N] for $isalias
Added missing property .version for $file
Added missing property .mute for $vol
Added missing properties .fname, .pos, .length, .pause for $inmp3 $inmidi $inwave
Added missing commands /saveini, /updatenl, /proxy, /cnick, /groups, /fsend
Added missing identifiers $regmlex, $unsafe
Added missing operator "isnotify"
Added missing parameter &bvar for $com
Added missing &binvar parameter for $hget
Added missing parameters "autovs" "autohs" for "edit" control /dialog
Added missing option "disable" for /dialog
Added missing events on MIDIEND/on WAVEEND/on SONGEND
Fixed /debug allow -i parameter with -s for filtering
Fixed /ignore when the server is disconnected should add the ignore as a global ignore
Fixed on CLOSE should trigger after the window is closed
Fixed /options /config allow both section and search text to be specified
Fixed $sysdir should return trailing path separator
Fixed $windowtitle is not working properly
Fixed $mouse.x $mouse.y sometimes returns wrong values for desktop windows
Fixed Editbox should evaluate "//text" to "/text" not "text"
Fixed $file().longfn should return full path
Fixed line number is sometimes wrong in script errors
Fixed /drawdot is not drawing correctly with some sizes
Fixed /drawfill is not always filling correctly
Fixed /viewlog should focus the log window if the log window is already open
Fixed /write /bwrite /fwrite etc should not trigger file monitor if /reload is used during the script
Fixed new colorchar hex values should be validated before stripped
Fixed $n-$n2 is not validated correctly
Fixed /hadd is not trimming text properly
Fixed $gettok with invalid parameters returns wrong value
Fixed /draw* allow rrr,ggg,bbb format for colors and should be drawn using GDI
Fixed /dialog scroll item is not working properly
Fixed /drawtext should use transparent background when no background is specified
Fixed /drawcopy w2 h2 parameters can be negative for mirror effect
Fixed $finddir $findfile some event variables are not available for the command parameter
Fixed $onpoly sometimes crashes and returns wrong value
Fixed $sock(,N) is not working properly
Fixed /sockudp -k sometimes closes too early and doesn't work without remote ip
Fixed /drawcopy -t doesn't work properly
Fixed /did -l -s sometimes causes a crash
Fixed $compress/$decompress with &bvar doesn't work
Fixed /bcopy -z is not working properly
Fixed /join with no parameters should rejoin current channel
Fixed allow /aline /dline /iline /rline to be used with any window
Fixed /dialog "ok" "cancel" buttons should not close dialogs when the "sclick" event is halted
Fixed /ctcp should split on long messages
Fixed /server sometimes fails to connect to the new server
Fixed #groups inside /* */ comments are not ignored properly
Fixed /toolbar expand connect button to separate Connect/Connecting/Disconnect buttons
Fixed [color] parameter is not validated correctly in all commands
Fixed /dcc send allow multiple filenames and add /dcc send/chat ask for nick
Fixed [prefix]#chan messages should be displayed differently
Fixed /toolbar -d is not validated properly
Fixed /alias allow delete and replace multiline aliases
Fixed $alias(file) returns wrong value
Fixed $read(,s) does not always match the pattern correctly
Fixed /did -a on "box" control should replace the text instad of append
Fixed $dialog() sometimes causes a crash
Fixed $* does not work properly when used multiple times
Fixed $rawbytes should be in pre decoded bytes
Fixed /showadiirc /showmirc -n should not follow tray options
Fixed /showadiirc /showmirc -r -x should not restore main window when lock is enabled
Fixed allow /debug -t parameter to work for the script debugger
Fixed $sfile $msfile should preselect the filetype
Fixed /dialog "link" control is sometimes not drawn correctly
Fixed /dialog "list" control height is wrong
Fixed /dialog some controls does not draw unicode characters correctly
Fixed /if /elseif /while $iif sometimes strips of whitespaces
Fixed /goto doesn't work properly when used as the last line
Fixed /enable /disable should update the script
Fixed /echo -sa doesn't work at the same time
Fixed /echo -e should log the separator(s) to the log file
Fixed /dialog add missing parameter "push" for the "check" control
Fixed /aline [c] parameter is not validated correctly
Fixed /did "id" is not validated correctly
Fixed $did() should return filename for "icon" items
Fixed $regml result should be globally available
Fixed /font -z doesn't work without window parameter
Fixed /dialog "mouse" event is not triggered for the form itself
Fixed /help with no parameters should open support page and F1 key should trigger /help
Fixed $N is not always evaluated correctly
Fixed /sockrename does not properly rename the socket
Fixed /sockread -n &binvar should remove the $crlf
Fixed /did triggers on dialog:edit: event
Fixed /remove should show an error if it fails to remove a file
Fixed overloaded aliases with groups do not work properly
Fixed $& | is not parsed correctly
Fixed $?N should try to use the Nth token as the result text
Fixed $did().sel doesn't work for "edit" items
Fixed /dialog edit event does not always trigger
Fixed /set -u0 should unset the variable after the script is finished
Fixed /loadbuf -n doesn't work for some log options
Fixed /did -o doesn't work for menu items
Fixed $portfree is not working properly and missing ipaddress parameter
Fixed /did -r and -a doesn't work for tab pages
Fixed /did -u doesn't work with listbox
Fixed $chan should follow switchbar order
Fixed /load -u -v should use the new file specified
Fixed /drawsave should save only the original window size area
Fixed /loadbuf doesn't work with some types of windows
Fixed /write first $crlf should be stripped
Fixed $binvar allow one parameter to test for &binvar exists
Fixed /writeini is not validated correctly
Fixed /timer -i doesn't work
Fixed /timer timers should be removed when the associated server is disconnected/removed
Fixed /lock doesn't focus the main window on unlock
Fixed lowercased NOTICE/PRIVMSG etc doesn't work
Fixed /download remove "close" parameter and add -c instead
Fixed /describe is not validated properly
Fixed /sockopen invalid port parameter should show a error message
Fixed /google doesn't work after google removed search api
Fixed /cline is not working properly with nick as parameter
Fixed $1- should return current selected nicks in nicklist when using F keys aliases
Fixed $crlf should be stripped from menus
Fixed /dockpanels on|off is not working properly
Fixed $ignore(mask) returns wrong value and network is ignored
Fixed /hinc /hdec doesn't work with large numbers
Fixed isignore operator doesn't work properly
Fixed on EVENT with a missing colon doesn't work
Fixed /writeini section parameter can have spaces when surrounded by quotes
Fixed $get().secs $send().secs should be rounded
Fixed $findfile $finddir should return full path instead of relative paths
Fixed $window().title returns wrong value
Fixed /copy is not working correctly with wildcards
Fixed $abook returns wrong value
Fixed /window sometimes creates duplicate windows
Fixed $+ ignores spaces
Fixed /dialog readonly "edit" items should select/deselect text when getting/losing focus
Fixed /dialog -r should center main window not screen

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