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Release Notes Page 2

AdiIRC 2.3 - 15-04-2016

Added option to lock Nicklist
Added option to exclude channels/nicks from Monitor panels
Added options to edit Notify nicks and enable/disable Notify
Added Notify online/offline sound options
Added right click menu to view Ssl/Tls certificate for server windows
Added mouse wheel support for menus
Added option to monitor scripts for external changes
Added option to show/hide events in Server/Channel Monitors
Added option to use different dcc transfer folders based on file extensions
Added now playing support for AIMP Music Player
Added option to log hidden events
Added option and right click menu to set Server/Channel/Other panel font
Added right click menu to copy text in server/channel monitor and /viewlog
Added right click menu to start/stop monitoring panels
Added right click menu to remove nicks from the notify list in notify panel
Added ctrl + mouse wheel up/down for scrolling just one line
Added options to show/hide Nickolumn/Timestamp/Network for Server/Channel monitors
Added window right click menu to copy buffer
Added option to ignore timestamp for consecutive messages from the same nick
Added option to run a command when highlighted
Added option to color entire line with the matched nickcolor
Added missing sound events "Dcc Success" and "Dcc Fail"
Added window menu to select log file for custom windows
Added options to enable/disable monitor panels and change buffer size
Added option to save input history across sessions and set max history
Added home/end/pageup/pagedown/ctrl + up/down keybinds for Rawlog
Added DCC Transfers menuitem to remove and delete a incomplete file
Added theme preview of nicklist icon rules
Fixed Windows/Dialogs saved on a missing screen should be relocated to primary screen
Fixed Monitor panels/Treebar should not be resizable when "Lock Bars" is enabled
Fixed Options search box should search any part of the text, not just the beginning
Fixed /nick does not change the Switchbar text if the server is disconnected
Fixed Messages -> "Use small unread line marker" is not restored properly
Fixed DCC popup should only "beep" if Dcc Get "beep" sound is enabled
Fixed multiple DCC transfers with the same filename doesn't work
Fixed Nicklist buttons are not restored for Nicklist panel
Fixed DCC popup should close when ignore button is pressed
Fixed Notify nicks should be clickable in channels
Fixed /names outside of join should add missing nicks to nicklist
Fixed external /mode and /topic messages are hidden when not in the channel
Fixed allow tips colors to be updated in real time
Fixed allow Nicklist panel to sync when toggled from F2
Fixed font is not restored properly for server windows
Fixed DCC Transfer panel should flash in Treebar/Switchbar on start/stop transfer
Fixed always show number of transfers for the transfer panel in the Treebar
Fixed /dialog buttons moved outside the screen area causes a graphic glitch
Fixed Logging -> "Use line colors" checkbox is hidden with default dpi
Fixed Menubar icon should only show docked window icons
Fixed raw 433 "nickname in use" is hidden when trying to change nick manually and regain nick is enabled
Fixed /!/command from Editbox should not send command to the server
Fixed theme preview should be reloaded when options changes
Fixed sysinfo preview should show all values of each identifier
Fixed Tips should parse and draw colors/font control codes
Fixed moving items around in the new Serverlist can sometimes cause a crash
Fixed "Always on top" is not detected correctly when changed from a external program
Fixed autohide Nicklist should be disabled if a Nicklist is set to Off
Fixed changing timezone/daylight savings can cause a ping timeout
Fixed client messages output to custom windows doesn't work
Fixed logging ignore doesn't work
Fixed running on a windows without visual styles can cause a crash
Fixed retrieving local ip on some machines can cause a crash
Fixed accepting DCC transfers with some invalid characters can cause a crash
Fixed Nicklist icons is drawn incorrectly in theme manager
Fixed some options is not applied to custom windows in real time
Fixed CAP END should not be sent during raw 900
Fixed using copy menu in script editor is using wrong newlines
Fixed autojoin delay option is reset on disconnect
Fixed temporary global variables should not be saved
Fixed closing Editform while initializing scripts can cause a crash
Fixed Quick connect options does not ask to save on exit
Fixed Mdi icons are sometimes missing
Fixed fails to display PRIVMSG messages that are received without a preceding colon on the message
Fixed Addressbook "Add" button should be disabled when a user is selected
Fixed loading a already loaded script in Script Editor, should select it
Fixed Nicklist off is not restored correctly per channel
Fixed unknown CTCP requests should show the entire text
Fixed Statusbar position is not saved properly
Fixed script editor is sometimes not restored to previous window state
Fixed proxy per server is not working properly
Fixed main dock should have a higher default height
Fixed pressing delete in transfer dialog sometimes removes the wrong transfer item
Fixed irc:// links with a nullbyte at the end causes a empty channel join
Fixed theme preview doesn't work
Fixed all default servers in serverlist should use round robin hostnames
Fixed auto accept dcc transfers doesn't show the resume/overwrite dialog
Fixed closing mainform when close warning is enabled sometimes fails
Fixed aborting a dcc transfer should not show a socket error
Fixed <>[](){}|., characters should in some cases be excluded from links
Changed default dcc buffer from 8192 to 4096 for better compatibility
Reduced default maxbuffer to 500
Removed the transfer retry button since it only causes confusion
Removed unmaintained translations


Added new parameter -x 4|5|h|n hostname post username password for /server
Added new parameters -fbpn for /tab
Added new command/event/identifiers /download, on DOWNLOAD, $download $downloaderr
Added new command /echomonitor
Added new modifier /u for $regex/$regsub/$regsubex
Added new identifiers $eventtarget $screenhz(N) $battery $batteryp $editboxhistory $username
Added new property .lastnick for $chan()
Added missing property .stamp for $chan()
Added missing property .group for $regml()
Added missing properties .note .sound .whois .addr .network for $notify()
Added missing parameters -b -p for /dialog
Added missing parameter -tN for /echo
Added missing parameters -4 -6 for /sockopen
Added missing parameters [on|off] [network] [note] -h -s -n for /notify
Added missing parameter "a" for $encode $decode
Added missing folder "downloads" for $sysdir
Added missing alias /leave
Added missing commands /url /log
Added missing command /sockudp and event on UDPREAD
Added missing operator ishelp
Added missing identifiers $get $send $notify $hmac
Added $url support for some browsers
Fixed $+() does not trim whitespaces properly
Fixed using {} in event regex doesn't work
Fixed $fread reads incorrect data into &binvar
Fixed $read() does not evaluate $1- properly
Fixed /debug should ignore empty lines
Fixed $sdir $shortfn should support quotes
Fixed /notify adding nick should also add it to the notify panel
Fixed $hget().size returns wrong value
Fixed $bwname should return $null when no network adapter is selected
Fixed /lag should not display to status windows
Fixed /did -i <name> <id > 0 doesn't work
Fixed $regsub $regsubex with no pattern should capture each individual character
Fixed /dialog "edit" should not wordwrap when "hsbar" option is defined
Fixed /did -i can cause a crash
Fixed /dialog minimum tab size is too big
Fixed /window -gN should stop Switchbar/Treebar flashing
Fixed allow override CTRL + TAB/CTRL + SHIFT + TAB keybinds
Fixed /dialog button/check/combo "&" is not displayed
Fixed /if /elseif /while $iif should show an error when using a invalid format or a unknown operator
Fixed /if /elseif /while $iif sometimes fails when using if (variable) syntax or if (text x%x text)
Fixed on PART/QUIT/KICK nick should not be removed from nicklist until after the event is done
Fixed $regml only returns a value if used in the same alias as the $regex
Fixed $decompress should delete the temporary file if decompression failed
Fixed /dialog "icon" should be resized to fit
Fixed /goto "invalid label" should show an error
Fixed on HOTLINK should not trigger while selecting text
Fixed /inc /dec /var %x N + N, chamge from double to decimal to allow greater accuracy
Fixed $$identifier inside another identifier sometimes doesn't halt the script properly
Fixed /dialog "edit" item is missing the "return" property
Fixed $ial().realname returns wrong value on some networks
Fixed /cline -r only works when specifying a nick
Fixed /editbox -f with no parameters doesn't work
Fixed $nopath is not validated correctly
Fixed on OPTIONS is sometimes triggered unnecessary
Fixed $event sometimes returns incorrect value
Fixed /hsave doesn't work properly with quoted filename
Fixed /list "filter channels" does not always filter correctly
Fixed /write trims some characters incorrectly
Fixed $sdir title parameter is not working and is missing end slash on return
Fixed /dialog with corrupt icons can cause a crash
Fixed on SOCKCLOSE is not always triggered when using ssl connections
Fixed /sockread does not always read the full buffer when using ssl connections
Fixed /window -C is not working properly with mdi windows
Fixed $chr(160) is sometimes trimmed in parameters where it shouldn't be
Fixed $sfile is not working properly
Fixed $findfile depth parameter is not validated correctly
Fixed /inc -s doesn't display output for global variables
Fixed $round() should return punctuations instead of comma
Fixed ":" prefix should be stripped from RAW CAP and RAW 364
Fixed /loadbuf is not adding newlines correctly
Fixed /dialog edit multi property is not working properly
Fixed /dialog Escape key should close the color popup dialog if open
Fixed /loadbuf -rt[SECTION] is not validated correctly
Fixed /dialog link sclick should not trigger when right-clicking
Fixed /msg /me /describe /notice is not resetting own idle time
Fixed $event returns wrong value for RAW events
Fixed $window should follow Switchbar order
Fixed /dialog -s doesn't work correctly with borderless dialogs
Fixed allow quotes in /font
Fixed on CLOSE is not triggered properly when closing hidden windows
Fixed $window().lb returns wrong value
Fixed on active sometimes triggers incorrectly
Fixed $calc should return 0 with too big numbers
Fixed /break is not breaking /while loops properly
Fixed #groups are sometimes parsed incorrectly

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AdiIRC 2.2 - 18-12-2015

Added Address book
Added a warning the first time the Menubar is being disabled from the View menu
Added import/export of "Override Windows theme color" option in themes
Added separate "accept all" and "accept specific hosts" in Options -> Dcc to avoid confusion
Added a "(active/total)" text in Treebar for dcc transfer window
Added Switchbar/Menubar/Treebar border for the last item facing the MDI area
Fixed filtering by some characters in channel list causes a crash
Fixed Nicklist colors/icons doesn't work on some network using custom channel prefix
Fixed SASL auth doesn't work if the reply is sent with server prefix
Fixed focus is sometimes not restored to a window when adiirc gets focus
Fixed numeric up down item doesn't scale with DPI properly, causing some options to be hidden when using non default DPI
Fixed Nickcolumn is sometimes not the correct size
Fixed scrolling a custom window without textview causes crash
Fixed fonts in custom windows should not change when changing global font options
Fixed links warning dialog checkbox saves to the wrong config file item
Fixed DCC send file crashes if the typed path does not exist
Fixed toggle main window border when main windows is fullscreen, resizes the window wrong
Fixed suggest font dropdown resets text while typing
Fixed typing a font size in choose font dialog, should update the preview
Fixed alt nicks is cleared on disconnect
Fixed using the update dialog on startup can cause the main window to be saved with the wrong size and possibly other issues
Fixed channel editor bans is not sorted correctly when sorting by date
Fixed own Idle time in channels is not updated correctly
Fixed select file dialog should open in previous folder
Fixed hovering a text in the textview can in some cases cause a crash
Fixed pressing some keys in Thememanager Editbox can cause a crash
Fixed on closing main window/exit/restart AdiIRC, the Options/Script editor/Serverlist save dialogs should be shown
Fixed Treebar nicklist expand settings is not restored properly
Fixed should warn about active dcc transfers when confirm closing is enabled
Fixed url association is still not working properly
Fixed sound status checkbox is not visible in Options -> Statusbar
Fixed /msg displays the wrong target nick
Fixed local output is missing from /me messages in private windows
Fixed /whois Ipv6 addresses are not shown correctly
Fixed when connecting a network in the serverlist with no hostnames added, there should be an error dialog
Fixed Treebar is missing channels after reconnect
Fixed start minimised doesn't work when Rawlog or show serverlist on startup is enabled
Renamed channel key to channel password to avoid confusion in new serverlist


Added missing commands/identifier /font /iline /abook /uwho $abook
Added new property .rawmode for $chan()
Added new/missing parameters -j -a for /dialog
Fixed /drawfill is not validated correctly
Fixed $ignore().secs should be rounded
Fixed $gmt(N) returns wrong value
Fixed $regsubex \a \A returns wrong value when using /g modifier
Fixed on KEYDOWN/KEYUP doesn't work with some characters
Fixed uclick mouse event should not trigger outside the window location
Fixed /dialog should show an error if the "size" item is missing or invalid
Fixed /window doesn't work if the window name has quotes
Fixed $window wildcard search doesn't work if the window name has quotes
Fixed /window -a from a desktop window doesn't give the the mainform focus
Fixed /window -l is using wrong font
Fixed /window -f should have no titlebar
Fixed /dialog icon should not trigger sclick event when rightclicking
Fixed /dialog icon item can cause a crash
Fixed on KEYDOWN/KEYUP regex doesn't work
Fixed on KEYDOWN does not trigger for escape key in custom windows
Fixed /window sometimes resets window position
Fixed sclick/dclick event doesn't work properly on dialog tab items
Fixed /if /else /elseif /while doesn't work with !. prefix
Fixed $mouse.x $mouse.y $mouse.key returns wrong value in dialog events
Fixed /describe /msg sending messages to @%+#channel and #chan,#chan2 displays wrong output
Fixed $snick sometimes returns wrong value
Fixed hovering a text in the textview can in some cases cause a crash
Fixed /statusbar -l/-t should remove leading/trailing quotes
Fixed /logs [text] is not searching the correct value
Fixed /timerS doesn't work properly
Fixed raw 286, 287, 290 and 291 should follow whois option
Fixed /setlayer on the main window when it's docked can cause a crash
Fixed /dialog,$dialog should show an error when a dialog name is in use
Fixed $fline can have only 2 parameters
Fixed $reptok $reptokcs can have only 4 parameters
Fixed /window -h is not hiding the window from Treebar/Switchbar
Fixed /notify -r should clear all matching nicks from the Notify panel

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AdiIRC 2.1 - 25-11-2015

Added when connecting a network in the serverlist with no hostnames added, there should be an error dialog
Fixed Treebar is missing channels after reconnect
Fixed start minimised doesn't work when Rawlog or show serverlist on startup is enabled

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AdiIRC 2.0 - 23-11-2015

Allow sorting tool/panel/status windows from Options -> Windows -> Sort
Added a basic help/chm file which can be downloaded from the download page
Added "Edit Network" menu to status windows
Added option to enable/disable reconnect servers on resume from sleep
Added option to only enable identd while connecting
Added media player controls support for Spotify
Added last files and last text history in /logs and right click menu to reset
Fixed global Nicklist is not cleared when all windows are closed
Fixed trying to dcc send a file in use causes a crash
Fixed recieving invalid dcc request should not popup a debug box
Fixed when url association is enabled, AdiIRC should be selectable as a default program
Fixed Joining multiple channels using spaces doesn't work in old Serverlist
Fixed /me messages should be split if they are to long
Fixed encoding should be taken into consideration when splitting long messages into 512 bytes
Fixed Identd should display a message during a request
Fixed Enable/Disable identd server in options should start/stop the server
Fixed Ident server doesn't work
Fixed opening irc:// links when using multiple AdiIRC processes sometimes open in the wrong proccess
Fixed rawlog should not minimize when closed and "Minimize when pressing close" is enabled
Fixed invalid certificate option can cause a crash
Fixed using some keybinds in Thememanager can cause a crash
Fixed adding text to a window on connect can sometimes cause a crash
Fixed corrupt fonts can cause adiirc to crash on startup
Fixed hovering a nick while the Nicklist is populating can cause a crash
Fixed docking panels are sometimes restored to wrong position
Fixed @custom window sizes should not be saved
Fixed restoring query window sizes does not work
Fixed last folders are not restored correctly in /logs
Fixed when auto accept dcc is enabled, only matched hostmaks should be accepted
Fixed blank paths should be ignore in log viewer
Fixed MDI windows without titlebar have no control buttons in Menubar


Added new parameter [network] for /serverlist
Added missing parameters (N|address,[group]) and new/missing properties .desc .port .group .pass .ssl .tls for $server
Added new/missing identifiers $nonick, $nadmnick, $nopnick, $nhnick, $nvnick, $hmatch
Added missing identifier parameters (#,N) for $vnick $hnick $opnick
Added new properties .owner .admin for $comchan()
Added missing/new events on OWNER/DEOWNER/ADMIN/DEADMIN and variables $onick/$admnick
Added new property .layer for $window()
Added new/missing parameters -g -l N -4 -6 for /server
Added new scripting events on SUSPEND/RESUME
Added missing properties .alias .popup for $toolbar()
Fixed raw 302 doesn't work
Fixed /server hostname:port password is not validated correctly
Fixed /help should search config folder for AdiIRC.chm as well
Fixed /setlayer is not validated correctly
Fixed $port should return +/* if connected using ssl or starttls
Fixed $wmiquery is not validated correctly
Fixed $mid is not validated correctly
Fixed /dline N deletes 2 lines instead of 1
Fixed /toolbar -pl is using the wrong parameter
Fixed $duration() with empty parameters should return $null
Fixed /window -k creates a duplicate custom window in Treebar
Renamed /if /while $iif issop operator to isadmin

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AdiIRC 1.9.9 - 11-11-2015

Added rightclick menus to docking panel header
Added event option to show/hide ping/pongs
Added option to disable hide windows when activated twice from Treebar/Switchbar
Added option to disable middle click/shift click close windows in Treebar/Switchbar
Added a pinning icon for docking panels to exclude them from F2
Added new keybind CTRL + SHIFT + L to toggle unread linemarker
Added a connect/disconnect menu to status windows
Added global Nicklist docking panel which can be docked/undocked/merged with other panels
Added option to set default server port
Added support for ircv3 tls/STARTTLS extension
Added support for ircv3 SASL authentication
Added Treebar menu item to toggle System/Window menus
Added new serverlist, fixes various bugs and adds a lot of new features
Fixed Docking a undocked panel/form should close the parent form
Fixed /logs should save and restore the last paths searched
Fixed Nick click/menus doesn't work when a nick is surrounded by some special characters
Fixed Windows menu is to slow
Fixed clearing the transfer docking panel does not always clear all items
Fixed Dcc send/receive sockets/files may not always be closed correctly
Fixed Dcc popup dialog should restore mainform
Fixed Thememanger does not unset some global variables after use
Fixed Nicklist colors should be inverted according to Nicklist background color
Fixed saving Nicklist settings per channel doesn't work
Fixed option dialog should only "ask to save" when something is actually changed
Fixed opening log files with UNC paths from logviewer doesn't work
Fixed sorting Nicklist alphabetically doesn't work
Fixed Thememanger should close when pressing the close button, even if minimize windows is enabled
Fixed Ssl warning dialog should close itself after some time
Fixed Searchbox should clear search selection when closed
Fixed Url catcher should ignore windows where monitoring is disabled
Fixed all alert popups should have a cancel button
Fixed Foobar2000 beta titles are not removed properly
Fixed popup dialogs should be centered to owner and use owners Always on Top settings
Fixed Subject Alternative Names is not taken into account when displaying ssl certificate errors
Fixed Nicklist icon browse button doesn't work
Fixed allow tab completion after a comma character
Fixed RAW 338 is not parsed correctly
Fixed MTS theme item ACTIONCHANSELF is missing <cmode> and <nick>
Fixed Statusbar position is not saved correctly
Fixed User Access Level rules in nickcolors makes the Nicklist slow
Fixed resizing columns after the "message" column in Transfer docking panels doesn't work


Added new property .unread for $window()
Added new property .rgbcolor for $line() $nick()
Added new parameter -b for /cline
Added new parameter -cert <file> for /server
Added new parameter -f for /dialog
Added new parameter -a for /quicksave
Added new parameters -no for /serverlist
Added new property .popup for $statusbar() $menubar()
Added new property .cnick for $nick()
Added new parameter -s for debugging scripts in /debug
Added new property .line for $isalias()
Added new property .isbottom for $window()
Added missing identifiers $initopic $isutf $topic $filename
Added missing command /ialmark and $ial/$ialchan property .mark
Added missing command /perform
Added missing parameters <network> and -t for /server
Added missing property .color for nicklists in $line()
Fixed $window(*,) is not validated correctly
Fixed /fullname /realname with no parameters should show current fullname
Fixed /if /else /elseif /while $iif() should not trim newlines
Fixed /window -w should retain Treebar/Switchbar selection
Fixed /dde -e is missing a null byte
Fixed opening options dialog with some invalid highlight items can cause a crash
Fixed $nick() returns 0 during me:JOIN event
Fixed $mid $height $width is not validated correctly
Fixed /did -a should not add newlines to text/edit boxes
Fixed /set -zs should print each iteration
Fixed /did -d doesn't work with multiple id's
Fixed /sockclose should close the socket immediately to avoid trigger on SOCKCLOSE when a socket name is reused
Fixed /window -c should not trigger the on CLOSE event
Fixed /drawpic -c with no parameters should not show an error
Fixed $dll $dllcall is sending/receiving using the wrong encoding
Fixed /filter does not work with status windows and second filename
Fixed $com/$comcall bool parameters doesn't work
Fixed /filter /savebuf should not write BOM (Byte Order Mark)
Fixed /filter /savebuf $line should exclude the line color tag
Fixed /savebuf with no [lines] parameter should save all items
Fixed Tips/$tip all control codes should be stripped
Fixed Dialog button using the "default" parameter doesn't work
Fixed /ignore should show a warning when adding/editing a ignore when ignore is disabled
Fixed /window causes Editbox cursor position to be reset
Fixed local aliases in custom Statusbar items doesn't work
Fixed $nick() should follow Nicklist sorting
Fixed multiple matched events are executed in the wrong order
Fixed $line() should include control codes
Fixed /toolbar -a should show an error if a item with the name already exists

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AdiIRC 1.9.8 - 29-09-2015

Fixed while the main window is minimized and connecting to a SSL server with a invalid certificate, the warning dialog is not selectable

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AdiIRC 1.9.7 - 29-09-2015

Added rightclick menu to set position for Statusbar
Added option to set selected background/text for messages and Nicklist
Added option to set Nicklist pixel spacing
Added option to validate/save ssl certificates
Added automatically save/restore the column sizes/sorting for docking panels
Added context menus to the MDI area
Added option to auto tile windows
Added new menuitem Tools -> Config Files to open the config folder
Added option to set max buffer per channel
Added option to set Nicklist icons
Added support for ircv3 extensions tags,[-iso] and server-time
Added rename/save as menu on new scripts in script editor
Added option to lock nick column
Added notification warning for changing opacity using keybinds
Added ctrl +/ctrl -/ctrl 0 zoom keybinds for logs, monitor panels and rawlog
Added new colorchar for unlimited colors
Added option to set bottom border in text area
Added options to use emoticons
Added new keybinds ctrl + m/ctrl + alt + m to go to next unread window
Added new keybinds ctrl + n/ctrl + q to cycle channels/queries
Added options to set timestamps per window
Added new keybind ALT + X to toggle channel window maximized
Added option to show unread message count on Treebar
Added menu item to clear server history
Fixed installer shortcuts should be optional
Fixed highlighted words does not retain previous colors/bold format
Fixed resizing main window causes the Treebar scrollbar to disappear
Fixed Treebar/Switchbar network name is not updated when using ZNC jump
Fixed unread linemarker position is incorrect after a line is deleted from the buffer
Fixed some large window icons can cause a crash when they are resized
Fixed Treebar/Switchbar sometimes changes the selected window when it's name or text is changed
Fixed Menubar should not toggle on/off using ALT if SHIFT or CTRL is pressed
Fixed resizing columns in plugins manager causes a graphical glitch
Fixed when strip control codes is enabled. your own control codes should not be stripped
Fixed "Use Theme" button should be disabled when Current theme is selected in theme editor
Fixed allow double clicking a theme in theme editor to Apply it
Fixed channel background images with transparency in tiled mode doesn't work
Fixed relative paths are sometimes not replaced correctly
Fixed mouseover the blank area between timestamp and nickcolum should not trigger as a link
Fixed Hide/Show event settings per channel is not saved/restored correctly
Fixed refresh monitor system information when a monitor is added/removed or resolution changes
Fixed rejoining a channel with password, does not always work
Fixed allow tabbing own nick in status and query windows
Fixed clicking a channel name in a log file should open the channel on current active server
Fixed log files/config folders with network paths does not work
Fixed should not disconnect when receiving a QUIT after changing host/cloaking
Fixed Hunspell crashes should not crash AdiIRC
Fixed allow unicode domain name characters in links
Fixed using Alt + move mouse on a borderless window should not select text in the window
Fixed word wrapping is slow and uses too much memory/cpu
Fixed Switchbar -> Events fields in unsaved channels have wrong default value
Fixed opening a new logfile should restore the logform if minimizeed
Fixed word wrapping is not wrapping correctly in some cases
Fixed multi line Edit Aliases are not saved correct
Fixed pressing Home key on very long wrapped lines in script editor causes a crash
Fixed merging log files is slow
Fixed highlights is not matching all words in a message
Fixed unread message count should not update when a desktop window has focus
Fixed debug.txt logging is not working
Fixed color tags are not always padded correctly
Fixed disable autofocus editbox does not work
Fixed Toolwindow does not always adjust size correctly
Fixed typing invalid keys in global hotkey causes a crash
Fixed global hotkey doesn't work sometimes
Fixed channel prefix is not always taken into consideration on some networks
Fixed /titlebar should only be saved to config file on exit
Fixed Channel list -> join channel field should validate channel prefix
Fixed /names output to channels doesn't work
Fixed double-clicking window icon should close the window
Fixed translated text doesn't fit in Options dialog
Fixed tab completion does not work in single line Editbox
Fixed dock options should only be saved on exit
Fixed Opening options sometimes causes a crash on Wine
Fixed Statusbar items should be transparent to the background image
Fixed typing umlaut characters really fast doesn't always work
Fixed Treebar background settings should be disabled, not Switchbar
Fixed temp files are not properly deleted after a failed write
Fixed Options -> Colors -> Grid should be focused after pasting a color
Fixed installing a plugin can cause a crash if a plugin failed to install
Changed default network to Freenode
Changed the 32 bit versions to run as real 32 bit application on 64 bit windows
Renamed /anick to /allnick
Renamed Statusbar sound status -> mute status to avoid confusions
Backup and write variables/options/server files to a temp file before copying to ensure no file corruption


Added support for edit/add/view Statusbar items using /statusbar and $statusbar
Added support for edit/add/view Menubar items using /menubar and $menubar
Added html encode/decode for •
Added missing event on PARSELINE
Added missing feature user access list
Added new/missing commands /anick /mnick /fullname /realname /usernick /emailaddr /identd /resetidle /timestamp /dlevel /auser /ruser /rlevel /ulist /iuser /guser /nextunread /ebeeps
Added new/missing identifiers $ulist $clevel $ulevel $dlevel $level $windowtitle $imagechar $wmiquery $loop $msgstamp $msgtags $parseline $parsetype $parseutf $sysdir $sha256 $sha384 $sha512 $prefixuser $prefixemote $prefixsys $prefixctcp $email $banlist $onlineserver $onlinetotal $regbr $eventid $channel $hotlink $osidle $menubar $statusbar
Added missing modifier /S for $regex $regsub $regsubex
Added aleft aright atop abottom anchor properties for all dialog items
Added new parameter -Z for /window to reset icon to default
Added new parameter -m for /hload
Added new parameters -v -u -wN for /echo
Added new property .joined for $nick()
Added new property .hex for $rgb
Added missing parameters @wildcard, N for $window
Added missing propertoes .name .value for $envvar
Added new parameters [-adishtio] [N] <N|name> <@popup> [text] for /menubar
Added new parameters <-adtbpoijshnNzN> [N] <N|name> <tooltip> <@popup> [/alias] [picfile] [text] for /statusbar
Added missing dialog event "mouse"
Added new parameter -forcessl N for /server
Fixed RAW 341 and 345 are not parsed correctly
Fixed insert/delete a item into a dialog combo can cause a crash
Fixed $regex with empty text is not matched correctly
Fixed $bytes(0,b|kb|mb|gb|tb) should return 0
Fixed $finddir is not working correctly
Fixed $network returns wrong value in some cases
Fixed $regsub $regsubex \N is not replaced properly with $+ \N $+
Fixed $regsub allow escaping backward slashes
Fixed $submenu should have a maximum of 250 submenu items
Fixed /toolbar -z is not choosing the right size
Fixed /query is not validated correctly
Fixed $window() with wildcard search returns wrong value for status windows
Fixed $ returns wrong value
Fixed identifier parameters are sometimes incorrectly passed down
Fixed //timer set/inc/dec/unset -parameter %var is not evaluated correctly
Fixed $var() is not evaluating parameter properly and $var($null,0) should return $null
Fixed allow comments in Nicklist buttons
Fixed calling custom aliases from the serverlist perform field doesn't always work
Fixed /timer N M is not always validated correctly
Fixed /dns -6 prints the ipv4 address instead of ipv6
Fixed /hsave sometimes saves to the wrong path
Fixed /toolbar aliases are not always evaluated correctly
Fixed /toolbar -a is not validated correctly
Fixed /toolbar -pnN doesn't get the right icon
Fixed /toolbar -l is not working properly
Fixed RAW 900 is not parsed correctly
Fixed $remote add new bitflag 8 whether /scripts is enabled or not
Fixed /drawsave should show an error when saving fails
Fixed /clear sometimes causes a crash when clearing picwins in use by Toolbar
Fixed /window -ah should not activate the window
Fixed /diskinfo /sysinfo crashes with a space at the end
Fixed $hotlinepos returns incorrect value
Fixed /echo without -m should not trigger a highlight in query windows
Fixed Dialog "icon" items is not added correctly
Fixed PONG messages without a leading hostname doesn't work
Fixed $nick is sometimes $null in raw events where it shouldn't be
Fixed %|should be stripped from $timestampfmt
Fixed $color(N) returns incorrect decimal value
Fixed $noqt should only remove the first and last quotes
Fixed /window +ts should show titlebar
Fixed /echo -c "color text" doesn't work
Fixed on PART timers are not associated with the correct server
Fixed $chantypes default value is not always correct
Fixed allow $logdir without spaces
Fixed $timer().cid returns wrong value
Fixed $1- and $snicks does not work correctly with nicklist buttons
Fixed /window -o should bring the window to front
Fixed $read(info.txt, s, text) returns wrong value
Fixed $bits should return app bits, readd $osbits for operating system bits
Fixed /echo @window parameter should be ignored when -s or -a is specified
Fixed /splay -q should play immediately if there is no sounds playing
Fixed /splay should close the file if it cannot be played
Fixed incoming /dde requests should be associated with the Status Window
Fixed when there is multiple aliases with the same name, the first alias found should be used
Fixed $com/$comcall double values are not formatted correctly
Fixed Dde connections are not closed properly
Fixed allow $nick in perform/autocommands field
Fixed WM_MCOMMAND and WM_MEVALUATE should stop reading a first null byte
Fixed $iptype should only check for dotted ipv4 addresses
Fixed $longip(N) is not working
Fixed ":" should be stripped from raw 304 and 219
Fixed /sysinfo /diskinfo $disk can cause a crash if a network drive is not working
Fixed $screenshot can cause a crash if no rectangle is selected
Fixed /window -k is not validated correctly
Fixed $replacex with pipes causes a crash
Fixed $nofile returns double back slashes
Fixed $ceil $floor $round should ignore non number characters
Fixed $round with commas doesn't work properly
Fixed /writeini /remini does not work properly with quoted filenames
Fixed $findfile $finddir does not always work properly
Fixed /debug -i is not working properly
Fixed /echo @<N> is not working properly
Fixed /hsave is not validated properly
Fixed $nick is not properly passed down from event to alias
Fixed $window().logfile returns wrong value on server windows
Fixed $ial() $ialchan() should ignore users without userhost
Fixed /userhost should update $ial information
Fixed /ban -r [type] is not working properly
Fixed $compress $decompress is not working correctly and should write directly to a file instead of memory
Fixed /echo -e should not trigger buffer beep
Fixed $regsub $regsubex \N tokens is not returning correct result when using /g modifier
Fixed $regsub $regsubex \t \0 sometimes returns wrong values
Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex \xN still doesn't work properly
Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex /U modifiers is not always working properly
Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex should match on ascii text by default
Fixed /help does not always search keywords correctly
Fixed /alias is not validated correctly
Fixed /drawtext background color should be transparent
Fixed /window -e uses wrong line count
Fixed $mkfn() sometimes returns wrong value
Fixed /echo can cause a crash when using -sa parameters
Fixed $disk(N) should return $false if no disk is found
Fixed $hget().item returns wrong value
Fixed /timerNAME should display information only for this timer
Fixed /google -n crashes
Fixed $myhost returns wrong value in some windows
Fixed $highlight().color should return the message color 16 if no color is set
Fixed $timer().reps still returns wrong value
Fixed dialogs should check for duplicate items and halt on errors
Removed unnecessary identifiers $datediff $datematch $now $floop $frand

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