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Mr. BS, 02/26/2017 01:13 PM

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Release Notes Page 4

AdiIRC 1.9.6 - 28-03-2015

AdiIRC 1.9.2 - 30-11-2013

Removed clementine now playing support since its not working properly
Removed /kickban and add a default alias /kickban /ban -k # $$1 $2-
Removed unnecessary commands /nomsg /noquery /smsg
Improved bug report window
Rewrite quick connect
Added visual feedback when searching log folder
Added key bind shift + Backspace to delete double spaces in script editor
Added $quitmessage identifier
Added find previous menuitem in script editor
Added new menu item unload all but active script in script editor
Added keybind ctrl+shift+w for unloading all scripts in script editor
Added /search -re [text] parameters and add alias /findtext
Added missing parameter 'u' in $input()
Added "always on top" and "show on desktop" options for script editor
Added option to ask for saving modified scripts on close in script editor
Added option for "find selection" and "backup scripts" on save in script editor
Added option to show an error for unknown identifiers
Added option to toggle line numbers in script editor
Added option to ask for saving modified scripts on close in script editor
Added initializations warning option for loading scripts with on START/LOAD events
Added new menu item Misc -> Check Brackets in script editor
Added $appbits identifier
Added support for IRCv3 CAP multi-prefix, userhost-in-names, away-notify,extended-join and account-notify
Added support for WM_MCOMMAND and WM_MEVALUATE
Added missing command /omsg [#channel] <message>
Added $rating identifier for media player rating tag
Added list all root dir text files in help menu
Added "mark server as read" right click menu in sidebar/channelbar and /amark -s
Added /cmode /umode default aliases
Added missing /flash command
Added beta changes should be included in the update beta dialog
Added separate flash option for private messages in highlights
Added selected text as search text when toggling search box
Added option to only show balloon tip if AdiIRC is not focused
Added separate option for showing balloon tip on highlight, private message, channel activity
Added /quicksave command
Added options form should remember last page
Added now playing mesages are now parsed as scripts
Added right click menu to reset individual options per page in Options
Added Ctrl + S keybinds to save serverlist and options
Added character/line position/estimated file size display in script editor
Added ctrl + clicking sidebar/channelbar to minimize the window
Added Ctrl + Home, Ctrl + End to go to first/last message
Added right click menu to change sidebar font
Added F5 keybind to reload script in scripts manager
Added "smart" tabcomplete using recently active nicks
Added option to restore AdiIRC from tray with single click
Added option start with windows
Added option to check for irc:// link association on startup
Added line marker thickness option
Added border thickness option
Added sysinfo recived sent identifier $bwrec $bwsent
Added right click menu to save/clear input buffer
Added userlist control buttons, view -> Userlist Buttons
Added server and channel count to tray icon hover text
Added searching itunes and mediamonkey playlist from ctrl + j
Added button to merge files in log form
Added windows -> Reset All Window Sizes menu
Added ctrl + a for selecting all text in all textboxes
Added $ial().account and $ialchan().account to get a users IRCv3 account name
Added $playcount tag support for winamp
Added missing identifiers $dll() $dllcall() $nickmode $ifmatch2$menu $menutype $menucontext $activecid
Added missing identifiers $beta $bits $sslready
Added missing command /dll -u <name.dll> <procname> [data]
Added missing command /renwin <@oldname> <@newname> [topic]
Added missing /U modifier for $regex,$regsub,$regsubex
Added missing $did() parameter .isedited
Added missing parameters .loopback .ip .name for $bindip when looking up a ip
Added missing parameters [-cn] [#channel] [message] for /hop
Added missing property .idle for $query
Added missing m<char>pattern<char> in $regex,$regsub,$regsubex
Added missing parameter push for dialog radio buttons
Added missing properties extsel multsel for dialog list items
Added missing parameters -b -c for /hadd /hdec /hinc
Added missing parameters -n / -x for /query
Added missing /window -m [/command] [font fontsize] [iconfile] parameters
Added missing parameters -46ch parameters and queue for /dns
Added support for looking up nicks in /dns
Added missing parameter "3" for $bytes, also returns wrong format
Added /invite [nick] [#channel]
Fixed $decode doesn't work with &binvars
Fixed channel list sort crashes on some translations
Fixed channel list sort is not saved/restored properly
Fixed logs manager should focus log window when viewing a log
Fixed $bitoff returns wrong value
Fixed clicking a toolbar icon created from the input box causes a crash
Fixed searching some folders in Logs causes a crash
Fixed pressing space in sidebar should show context menu
Fixed Up/Down/Left/Right key binds is not working correctly in sidebar
Fixed focus in sidebar should be restored when shift + clicking
Fixed mouse middle click for closing window doesn't work in sidebar
Fixed /setayer dialogname should set the layer on the dialog
Fixed /setlayer with no window parameter should set layer of main window
Fixed $regex $regsubex $regsubex POSIX brackets are not working properly
Fixed $calc %|is not working properly
Fixed channel modes in status bar is not updated correctly on channel join
Fixed /ctcp /notice should split long messages
Fixed $base is not working properly with some characters
Fixed special characters should not be included in #channel links
Fixed %variables are not always trimmed correctly
Fixed /ignore -k is ignored in private windows
Fixed #$N #$? should make sure return value starts with a #
Fixed parentheses and comma is not always parsed correctly in scripts
Fixed any combination of $+X should work for combining words
Fixed $duration should be able to convert output back into seconds
Fixed $ctime and other unix timestamps should be year 2038 ready
Fixed <tab> should be useable anywhere in a word in inputbox
Fixed sending a command to a disconnected server should show a error
Fixed typing /quit while not connected to a server causes a crash
Fixed reload multiple scripts in script editor can cause a crash
Fixed /clear should clear unread line marker position
Fixed $gettok $deltok with negative numbers doesn't always work
Fixed $calc is not always parsed correctly if there are no space after a )
Fixed $findfile $findir wildcards with semicolon filter doesn't work
Fixed /tokenize 0 should tokenize nothing
Fixed clicking line numbers in script editor should select the matched line
Fixed pressing shift + HOME/HOME key in script editor should move cursor to start of the first non-space character
Fixed pressing enter in script editor should indent at same space level as current line
Fixed variables set to be removed on EXIT is incorrectly removed too early
Fixed "Rename" in script editor should retain previous file extension
Fixed "Save As" in script editor doesn't unload the previous script
Fixed /unload -rs should unload first file name match
Fixed allow $~name identifiers
Fixed if there are no more undo actions in script editor, script should not be marked as changed
Fixed using "Delete" text menu item in script editor/inputbox should allow Undo
Fixed small graphical glitch in sidebar with channels containing & character
Fixed $int() doesn't work with large numbers
Fixed $host and $ip should be filled with local ip/hostname before a server connects
Fixed $version should reply only the version number
Fixed if a nick has illegal characters, inputbox should ask for a new /nick instead of trying alternative
Fixed /nick on a offline connection should change the connection nick for that connection
Fixed /scon 0 doesnt work
Fixed \0 in $regsub $regsubex returns wrong count if /g modifier is used
Fixed $calc crashes sometimes
Fixed $bytes(N) should handle bigger numbers
Fixed spaces before and after {} brackets should be required in scripts
Fixed KICK event is not triggered if kick came from a user not in the channel
Fixed background missing from $color()
Fixed $?/$?="" is not parsed correctly
Fixed theme manager is not working correctly with translations
Fixed /<space><text> should be ignored in inputbox
Fixed on START is not triggered at the right time
Fixed $shortfn() sometimes return no value
Fixed $nofile() is missing a \ at the end
Fixed @#channel notices are not parsed correctly
Fixed /onotice is not sending the correct format
Fixed topic set, channel created date time format should match $asctime
Fixed %f %ff %fff time variables is now 1-2-3 decimals of milliseconds
Fixed $script(n) should return full path instead of relative
Fixed $ini $readini $remini /writeini - relative path is sometimes wrong
Fixed double clicking in a server window should send /lusers
Fixed dclick in non picture windows doesn't work
Fixed deprecate $volumep, $volume is now in percent
Fixed $volume $volumeb is not updated correctly
Fixed editing link in Link Warning box is ignored
Fixed "disconnected" is shown twice in the server window
Fixed DCC Chat is not working properly
Fixed $ial is not always updated from /who
Fixed $chr(0) should return $null
Fixed if topicbox ends with a link, hoovering free space after shows invalid link cursor
Fixed \\ and // operators in scripts can cause a crash and returns wrong result
Fixed $site returns wrong hostname
Fixed sysinfo commands should be ignored in server window
Fixed some system info identifiers are missing from the docs
Fixed $!identifier is sometimes not evaluated correctly
Fixed Commands -> Set Away -> OFF isn't working
Fixed / should be stripped when renaming a script
Fixed $script should show full path
Fixed $nick() non default channel prefixes are ignored
Fixed $prefix is reversed
Fixed $nick() sometimes crashes
Fixed big text lines is not wrapped correctly
Fixed negative numbers should be allowed for channel limit in channel editor
Fixed $query(nick).addr returns @ if there is no host/ident
Fixed dock panel headers should be hidden when "Lock Bars" is enabled
Fixed dock panel headers should not be moveable by right clicks
Fixed toolbar icon commands should be parsed as scripts
Fixed $window().dw $window().dh returns wrong size for picture windows
Fixed $date $adate $time is missing leading zero
Fixed $modes in channel titles is missing mode parameters
Fixed channel limit is not correctly parsed on channel join
Fixed $chan(#).mode is missing mode parameters
Fixed channel editor crashes with long user limit
Fixed MAXLIST is not parsed correctly on some servers
Fixed stop format tag doesn't work in topicbox
Fixed $duration does not work with double numbers
Fixed /uptime $uptime(system) sometimes returns the wrong duration
Fixed $ticks does not return the correct number
Fixed manually typing a font/size sometimes crashes the font browser
Fixed /timers off doesn't work
Fixed ignoring color codes in part quit messages doesn't work
Fixed /ignore /dns quiet flag doesn't work
Fixed $timestamp $logstamp adds a trailing whitespace
Fixed log filename missing first char for private windows if custom name is used
Fixed $chan is missing in event INVITE
Fixed colors in on TEXT event should be stripped if ignore -k is matched
Fixed /timer should be associated with current window
Fixed /dns shows a empty line on unresolved
Fixed brackets in scripts should not be evaluated if there is a space
Fixed some commands fails on servers with multiple channel prefixes
Fixed moving a dockpanel in front of another panel doesn't work
Fixed # is not correctly parsed in $identifier( #)
Fixed $$identifier not working for all identifiers
Fixed $query should only count private windows on current server
Fixed local identifiers doesn't work in /scon and /scid
Fixed IME popups closes when typing in inputbox/topicbox/script editor
Fixed allow selecting/copying topic in channel editor if the textbox is disabled
Fixed unread line marker should by default only be visible for channnel/priv/server windows
Fixed /aline should scroll to bottom if scroll pos was at bottom
Fixed $nick().color should return 1 if random nick colors are disabled
Fixed shift + tab should not select the newline in input box/script editor
Fixed automatically set back should only trigger if a non command is typed
Fixed away system should work per server instead of globally
Fixed toggle icons in sidebar doesn't work
Fixed raw 404 should be shown in channel window if existss
Fixed /amsg and /ame should send only one PRIVMSG with target channels separated by ","
Fixed /back should not set back If user is not away
Fixed pressing enter in rawlog search box should perform a search
Fixed right click X in dock panel shouldn't close it
Fixed away timer should be reset after hibernate
Fixed matchtext in events should be parsed for identifiers/variables if it starts with $ or %
Fixed /join #chan should rejoin a channel if the window exists but not joined
Fixed all colors/fonts tags should be reset in topic/kick/part/quit messages
Fixed nick colors are sometimes not inverted correctly
Fixed theme manager window size/position is not saved correctly
Fixed $! should show result from $input
Fixed /google and /pgoogle should detect and read the proper encoding
Fixed has write access check fails on some machines
Fixed $awaytime should be reset after raw 306
Fixed $left $progress $duration $length identifiers sometimes gives wrong results
Fixed <tab> on empty inputbox should cycle all nicks in channnel
Fixed /wsearch /wselect not always working correctly with mediamonkey player
Fixed whitespaces should be allowed in tabcomplete nicks
Fixed default/random quit message is parsed wrongly
Fixed on CTCP crashes
Fixed line numbers in scripts editor is too slow
Fixed quick save server dosen't save channels with passwords correctly
Fixed on TABCOMP is not triggered on empty editbox
Fixed /ignore -<flag> with no nick/address should show a error
Fixed menu scripts ignores #groups
Fixed duplicate mouse events in picture windows causes crash
Fixed closing a channel instead of parting wont trigger part sound
Fixed $bitrate is missing for media monkey player
Fixed a crash when using some windows themes
Fixed ctrl + l should scroll to unread line marker
Fixed allow ctrl + z undo when using /editbox
Fixed reconnect shows "disconnected" in all windows, not just server window
Fixed /server crashes with some invalid parameters
Fixed if "allow only one copy" and "minimize to tray" is enabled, main window can't be restored
Fixed select the proper icon size when using favicons or custom icons
Fixed all main icons should be updated immediately when changing icon
Fixed scripts manager is not saved/restored properly
Fixed changing encoding should only update the encoding in the serverlist (not channels)
Fixed right click -> join dosen't work
Fixed sounds should only play if the event is not halted
Fixed switching to/from fullscreen messes up toolbar/menubar/channelbar order
Fixed aliases should not be allowed to call itself
Fixed remove every nonwhite space after last closed parenthess in scripts
Fixed allow and for escaping brackets in scripts
Fixed maximize button should be disabled in quick connect
Fixed script files with [script] sections should be loaded as ini files
Fixed /slap $1 is not correct in the default slap

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AdiIRC 1.9.1 - 30-07-2013

Added proxy/socks support
Added $osinstalldate variable
Added exabyte to all byte calculations
Added option to get favicon from server url
Added option to set default and individual window icons
Added $date variable for logging
Added "Save All" menu/shortcut in script editor
Added option to enable/disable formatting links and various formatting improvments
Added <number> <delay> flags for /beep
Added ability to select multiple items in nickcolor list
Added save/restore dock position of menubar/toolbar/channelbar
Added rigthclicking window title will show the menubar menu if menubar is hidden
Added new sound options
Added -n -p parameters for /run and set proper working directory
Added unlimited connection retries if retries is set to 0
Added option to set custom background image per window
Added option to use a global up/down input history
Added missing $window properties
Added irc6:// ircs6:// support
Added option to enable/disable regain nick
Added missing b parameter for binvars in $encode
Added LOGON event
Added /bset -c chop parameter
Added -an parameters for /clipboard, also allow empty params to clear clipboard
Added raw 328 link support
Added menus in custom windows with menu @name
Added add /dline [c] <@name> <N[-N2]>
Added close button for dock panels
Added ignore list GUI
Fixed edit commands should be named edit aliases
Fixed /slaps should be parsed as scripts
Fixed allow empty messages in events e.g notice
Fixed $line sometimes returns empty string incorrectly
Fixed $script should return relative path
Fixed /loadbuf <name> <file> not parsed correcly
Fixed /sline doesn't work on users with channel modes
Fixed event HOTLINK is not triggered correctly
Fixed $active and $target doesn't work with custom windows
Fixed hash tables should be case insensitive
Fixed $sha1/$md5 doesn't work with &binvars
Fixed /bset sometimes crashes
Fixed parsing {} brackets sometimes fails
Fixed graphic glitch offset on text with background colors
Fixed graphic glitch with diacritical characters
Fixed /fwrite -b &bin doesn't work
Fixed all windows regardless of type should be saved the same way
Fixed /bw should show a error message if no network adapter is set
Fixed /bset <N> is one byte off when inserting at pos <N>
Fixed if (<int> isnum <int>) not working
Fixed a random crash on startup
Fixed client messages should be threated as system messages not channel messages
Fixed /toolbar -u doesn't refresh toolbar image
Fixed $width and $height reports wrong value
Fixed event ACTIVE should be fired after the activation have taken place
Fixed random nick color option should be in Options -> Colors
Fixed clicking edit toolbar while edit toolbar is already open causes a crash
Fixed event TABCOMP should fill $1- with the tabcompleted text
Fixed $style(X) was not always parsed correctly
Fixed $1 in menus should be filled with nick or channel
Fixed ctrl + z undo when tabcompleting nicks/inserting format/color tags in inputbox didn't work
Fixed minor drawing glitch in the sidebar on certain fonts
Fixed $ial should be updated whenever 311 is encountered
Fixed bans are not removed from channel editor if multiple bans are in the same MODE
Fixed event INPUT triggers on all @custom windows instead of the matched one
Fixed nickcolors/textcolors are sometimes not inverted correctly
Fixed channels with "&&" displays incorrectly in sidebar
Fixed raw 486 and 460 should use settings from Events -> Errors
Fixed $ial should only check current server
Fixed /window -e/-E should add inputbox
Fixed $chan(#invalidchan, 0) should return $null instead of 0
Fixed $scon and $scid couldn't use local identifiers
Fixed /set fails to parse %vars if first parameter is a identifier
Fixed $() is not executed inside /var and [ ] evaluation
Fixed should only capture first match if /g is not defined in $regsub and $regsubex
Fixed $base should convert both lowercase/uppercase characters
Fixed Goto Line 0 in script editor caused a crash
Fixed /slap sometimes caused a crash
Fixed reconnect server retries should be reset on manual disconnect
Fixed /paths to show both the install path and the config path
Fixed raw 330 should be parsed as whois
Fixed shortcut keys to add bold/italic/underline/color in sysinfo editor didn't work
Fixed /sysinfo /uptime was sometimes slow
Fixed /diskinfo <drive> didn't work
Fixed copying text on asian locale didn't work
Fixed update timer sometimes causes a crash on startup
Fixed $gmt $date $actime to work properly with timezones
Fixed <tab> should add 2 spaces instead of <tab> in script editor
Fixed *.mts and *.mrc should be filtered in script manager/theme editor
Fixed options menu shortcut should be Alt+O
Fixed some channel bans didn't show up
Fixed channel editor should be enabled for half ops
Fixed ":" should be stripped from on RAW 302 and 340
Fixed sidebar userlist should be off by default
Fixed issue with disappearing dockpanels
Fixed menubar icon is sometimes the wrong icon
Fixed reset usermenu width if its changed
Fixed animateicon in system tray wasn't working
Fixed cut of the text in channelbar if the text is wider than the button
Fixed linenumber for the last line in script editor was missing
Fixed /viewlog with no parameters should open logfile on current window

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AdiIRC 1.9.0 - 18-05-2013

UTF-8 is now the default encoding
Added mIRC scripting support - See wiki for more info
Added MTS themes support
Added options for default window sizes
Added undockable activity panel for private messages
Added undockable activity panel for channel messages
Added undockable activity panel for server messages
Added undockable activity panel for notices
Added undockable activity panel for url catcher
Added undockable activity panel for notify status
Added undockable activity panel for highlights
Added undockable activity panel for transfers
Added ircs:// links support
Added +port for ssl connections in quick connect and serverlist
Added uhnames support
Added option to start AdiIRC minimized
Added %ord variable for suffixing in days (18th)
Added %t %tt variables for PM AM
Added option to hide the menubar and use ALT to bring it back
Added perform option for quick connect
Added drag drop support to install plugins/themes/scripts
Added new toolbox where text can be selected
Added new about box with clickable link
Added "type a head" support in userlist
Added back common keybinds for userlist
Added search/replace functions for scripts editor
Added open links warning dialog
Added options to disable/enable loggings of individual channels
Added ability to change channels with mousebutton 4-5
Added play/stop/pause/next/prev support for media monkey
Added Potplayer now playing support
Added ctrl +/- to change the font size in a window temporary
Added ability to install/run plugins as non admin
Added ability to create custom nick color rules
Added option to bind dcc to an adapter and an option to prioritize ipv6
Added option to hide/show join/part/quit.. events
Added new spacing options single/paragraph/double
Added option to use serverlist labels as "network name"
Added option to show/show sticky/hide topicbox
Added tooltips for server history menu
Removed restore logs limit
File file paths are now relative for portability
Topicbox is by default one line and expanded when focused
Pressing shift when starting AdiIRC will bypass any autoconnect servers
All window size/positions are now saved/restored
Complete rewrite of thememanager
Complete rewrite of script editor
Changed the way channelbar items resizes
Improved all statusbar menus and events
Improved search functions for multiline text in channels
Improved logs/logsviewer
Improved update system, check every day/week/month
Fixed some tabcomplete issues
Fixed several issues with background images
Fixed some issues with sidebar and dual screen
Fixed DCC transfers was slow
Fixed logging on servers without a network name failed
Fixed several issues with mouse clicks in sidebar
Fixed several issues related to links in channels
Fixed an issue where tray icon would dissapear
Fixed an issue where sidebar would be blink/flash
Fixed an issue where scrolling text was slow
Fixed an issue with tracking nick changes in query windows
Fixed an issue with foobar2000 now playing
Fixed an issue where winamp now playing stoppped working
Fixed /ignore crashes if no ignore file exists
Fixed associate irc:// links was not working as non admin
Fixed UserMessage and SendData are not sent to plugins
Fixed a issue with saving "Show in active" settings
Fixed a issue where DCC transfers stopped at 99%

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AdiIRC 1.8.10 - 13-08-2012

Added a complete rewrite of scripting and tons of new functions, see scripting wiki for more info
Added new font dialog and ability to use almost any font
Added message indent option
Added message maxbuffer lines option
Added message doublespacing option
Added message unread line marker option
Added message option to autoscroll to bottom when typing
Added search box to rawlog and other improvments
Added better /ignore functions, see wiki for more info
Added /notify and View -> Notify functions
Added /timer command
Added option to singleclick links
Added doubleclicking a query window will send a WHOIS
Added DCC Chat support
Added DCC Resume support and ETA in transfer window
Added several improvments to the Option window, allowing resize and scrolling
Added a Exit Fullscreen menu
Added a channellist icon in the toolbar
Added duckduckgo as a toolbar search engine, updated icons
Added option to track away status in userlist
Added showing duplicate bans in a different color
Added CPU and RAM usage toolbar item
Added %cpuload for sysinfo and sysinfo is now fully scriptable, check the scripting wiki
Added rightlick menu in statusbar to toggle all statusbar items
Added rightlick menu in statusbar to change network adapter
Added rightclick option to change encoding/charset
Added several new options for logging including rotating by size
Added disconnect on computer sleep and reconnect on computer resume
Added a send delay option to not flood a server (200ms default)
Changed /sleep, syntax is now /sleep [seconds] [/command]
Changed default nick and alternative nick to be the windows login username
Changed UTF8 to be shown at the top of the encoding list
Changed update window to be shown before logging on any servers
Fixed sorting by size in the log viewer
Fixed URL association to work without admin rights
Fixed a issue with links that have a ! in them
Fixed installer looses on UAC prompt
Fixed a issue where loading option window was very slow
Fixed several issues with Edit Toolbar
Fixed default toolbar search engine was not saved
Fixed DCC menu in querys didnt work
Fixed better check if an option is changed before asking to save
Fixed several DCC issues
Fixed autoaccept DCC didnt work
Fixed several issues related to window states/changing window
Fixed changing window between docked/undocked leaves the undocked window selected
Fixed a issue where windows position was not saved
Fixed next button in message search didnt work
Fixed a crash on reconnect
Fixed a crash in highlight window if history was to big
Fixed some issues where plugins and scripts didnt work togheter
Fixed google search didnt work
Fixed plugins was not copied after install
Fixed issue where sidebar userlist didnt always update
Fixed customcolors was not restored in color picker
Fixed lag spikes on connect
Fixed crash sometimes when doubleclicking in empty part of the userlist
Fixed clicking &Nick in channels didnt work
Fixed sliced topics in topiobox

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AdiIRC 1.8.9 - 21-10-2011

Improved check for changes in the serverlist before asking to save
Fixed a crash when using AdiIRC in remote desktop
Fixed clicking media player icons didnt work
Fixed clicking text in highlight history caused input box to resize
Fixed an possible crash when opening a file from DCC list
Fixed an issue with paiting borders on resize
Fixed commands starting with a whitespace caused EditCommands to crash
Fixed opening rawlog from quickconnect caused a crash
Fixed sorting userlist alphabetically didnt work
Fixed auto away somtimes sets away too early
Fixed users parting sometimes caused a crash
Fixed getting external ip from some servers
Fixed importing theme used invalid font
Fixed loading options with invalid font size can cause a crash
Fixed a crash when changeing nick when a tool window is selected
Fixed docking a window makes window disappear in MDI mode

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AdiIRC 1.8.8 - 16-10-2011

Fixed setup64 didnt install to the x64 program folder
Added expermintal support for some scripting, see the wiki for info
Added several tricks for reducing AdiIRC file size
Added option for using UTF8 fallback if normal encoding fails
Added Clementine now playing support
Added topic/input/userlist custom drawn borders and option for changing the border color
Fixed language would reset to default after applying options
Fixed a issue where AdiIRC prevent shutdown/sleep on quit
Fixed some issues with the toolbar editor
Added option to set size of the channel buttons in the channelbar
Fixed several theme editor issues
Fixed several away issues
Added Use global settings in away for overriding away settings on some networks
Added several improvments for pasting large colored text blocks
Added colored logs
Added option to change default userlist size
Added option to use double spaced messages
Added option to show userlist on the left side
Added windows Icons on the buttons in the channelbar
Added clicking a nick in the channel, will select the nick in the userlist
Added seperate color for NICK events
Added NAMESX support
Fixed an issue where bandwidth monitor didnt update
Fixed CTRL+i didnt work as expected
Fixed CTRL+backspace didnt work as expected
Fixed some issues related to opening AdiIRC with irc:// links
Added several improvments for Channel/Nick tabbing
Added /nosmg /noquery they will not open a dialog if used in Perform/Autocommands
Fixed issue logging nicks with special characters
Added rawlog autocopy text
Fixed /meminfo didnt work on 64 bit
Fixed issue saving slaps didnt work
Rewrote multiline messages, fixing several bugs
Fixed highlight on channel activity didnt work
Fixed sidebar treeview was not drawn correctly
Fixed channel list crash on some servers
Rewrote serverlist to use server groups
Fixed a crash when saving serverlist
Rewrote the random nick color for more randomness
Added toggle lock/unlock topic
Added channel editor
Added option to disable bold on nicks/channels in all client messages
Fixed invite to channel menu didnt work
Added channel modes view in status bar
Rewrote the core and split it up from the client, huge improvments and fixes
Rewrote the entire userlist, now custom drawn and fixing several issues
Fixed closing windows with shift + click didnt work
Fixed issue with duplicate ignores
Added option to enable a blank line at the bottom of message window
Added log browser and log preview
Fixed private logs was not always reloaded
Added shortcut wrapping of italic/bold/underline/colors
Fixed expanding sidebar made cursor dissapear
Fixed font dialog sometimes cause a crash
Fixed bold characters was not always parsed
Fixed several parsing issues of WHO, WHOIS, now includes timestamps
Fixed several bugs related to saving window positions
Added channel status for quit/part/mode messages
Added more options for changing window titles
Added support for connecting to DNS pools
Fixed selecting text made harddrive spin
Added support for ipv6

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AdiIRC 1.8.7 - 15-02-2011

Fixed jumping messages/big white space at the bottom of messages

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AdiIRC 1.8.6 - 01-02-2011

Hotfix release
Fixed choosing color in options caushed a crash
Fixed sometimes clicking a nick in channel with status prefix didnt work
Fixed changing nick sometimes caused a crash

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AdiIRC 1.8.5 - 31-01-2011

Translations now includes in the installer
New installer elevates to admin, and back to user when running adiirc
Various parts rewritten under the hood
Added option to change default encoding
Added option to set a "first word" prefix
Added doubleclicking a channel in channellist joins the channel
Added sort channellist on most user by default, also saves current sort order
Added network wide serverlist changes and many other improvments
Added several new variables for window titles, and options for priv/server
Added toggling of topic show/edit (default show, rightclick to edit)
Added regain of orginial nick when disconnected
Added SOP/HOP right click menus
Added /debug command to create debug file
Added dialog to save serverlist and options on closing
Fixed incomming dcc requests was using wrong download folder
Fixed festore log from huge logfiles caused crash
Fixed parsing of 320 messages
Fixed a reset of znc log after disconnect
Fixed Saving options with a toolwindow open caused crash
Fixed join/part color was showing wrong color
Fixed rawlog as a proper dockable window and added a Debug tab
Fixed selecting multiple users in userlist now fires one MODE instead of X
Fixed away message was sometimes saved without the time variables
Fixed some cases where spaces from messages where removed
Fixed chaging sidebar background also changed the serverlist backgroind
Fixed OP color in sidebar dosent show
Fixed Horizontal scrollbar in the sidebar sometimes inventively long
Fixed userflags not always showing correctly in the userlist and sidebar
Fixed theme editor didnt load some colors
Fixed tile window horizontal showed a debug box
Fixed /away [message] didnt set new message
Fixed issue with logging private messages
Fixed ctcp ping crash
Fixed pressing enter in channel list should join channel
Fixed issue server lock when nick is in use
Fixed reorder channels in channelbar
Fixed moving mouse in userlist sometimes causes crash
Fixed rare identd crash
Fixed /msg in autocommands caused crash
Fixed crash on empty slaps file
Fixed channel tab-complete
Fixed wrongly timed channel messages

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AdiIRC 1.8.4 - 20-04-2010

Fixed several trivial bugs and potential crashes
Fixed Plugin issue where OnUserMessage didnt fire
Added CTRL + Backslash for deleting a word
Rewrite and fixed multiline paste of text
Fixed $channel would return a malformed channel name
Fixed links with $ in them
Fixed channelbar would revert top dock at the top after applying options
Fixed Send to tray on close also minimized to task bar
Added question dialog when closing options
Fixed a nickcomplete bug
Fixed logging of channels with / in their name
Fixed some issues with newer versions of ZNC
Fixed /me' shows raw ACTION in channel on some networks
Fixed /reconnect didnt work
Added better perform /sleep
Added escape character for | in edit commands
Changed /sleep [seconds] to /sleep [seconds] [command to execute]
Fixed bug could not type in a channel after rejoin
Added Media Player Classic now playing support
Added VLC Media Player now playing support
Added right click menu in channel to change encoding

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AdiIRC 1.8.3 - 22-03-2009

Fixed options showed wrong language selected
Added full unicode supported messages
Fixed quickconnect serverhost/serverport was not saved correctly
Added better crash debug
Fixed unicode copy/paste
Fixed serverlist showed wrong encoding
Fixed issue where ignore caused no messages to display
Fixed access denied issue when reciving DCC
Fixed corrupted memory crash related to highlight sounds
Fixed crash when disconnecting/closing

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AdiIRC 1.8.2 - 12-01-2008

Fixed several random crashes when typing or copy/pasting
Fixed Check for update was still not working without UAC
Added Spotify now playing support
Fixed non multiline highlight showed wrong color
Fixed bug when parsing highlights with {Nick}
Fixed crash when starting in Windows 7 Beta 1

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AdiIRC 1.8.1 - 07-12-2008

Added notice how to get back from fullscreen mode
Fixed check for update didn't check for UAC privileges
Added green/yellow/red textcolors on lagbar to indicate connection status
Added clickable spotify links
Fixed several DCC issues
Fixed tool windows didn't change selected window in channelbar/sidebar
Fixed links not working when ending in closing brackets
Added check weither incomming text is UTF-8 if not fallback to system default
Fixed plugins didn't install correctly
Fixed bandwith monitor in status bar not working correctly
Added Massive code cleanup, speed gains and removing potentional bugs

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