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h1. Release Notes Page 4
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h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.9.2 - 30-11-2013
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|>(r).%(rem)Removed%| clementine now playing support since its not working properly|
11 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(rem)Removed%| /kickban and add a default alias /kickban /ban <notextile>-k # $$1 $2-</notextile>|
12 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(rem)Removed%| unnecessary commands /nomsg /noquery /smsg|
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|>(r).%(any)Improved%| bug report window|
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|>(r).%(any)Rewrite%| quick connect|
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|>(r).%(add)Added%| visual feedback when searching log folder|
18 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| key bind shift + Backspace to delete double spaces in script editor|
19 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| $quitmessage identifier|
20 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| find previous menuitem in script editor|
21 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| new menu item unload all but active script in script editor|
22 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| keybind ctrl+shift+w for unloading all scripts in script editor|
23 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| /search -re [text] parameters and add alias /findtext|
24 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing parameter 'u' in $input()|
25 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| "always on top" and "show on desktop" options for script editor|
26 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to ask for saving modified scripts on close in script editor|
27 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option for "find selection" and "backup scripts" on save in script editor|
28 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to show an error for unknown identifiers|
29 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to toggle line numbers in script editor|
30 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to ask for saving modified scripts on close in script editor|
31 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| initializations warning option for loading scripts with on START/LOAD events|
32 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| new menu item Misc -> Check Brackets in script editor|
33 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| $appbits identifier|
34 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| support for IRCv3 CAP multi-prefix, userhost-in-names, away-notify,extended-join and account-notify|
35 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| support for WM_MCOMMAND and WM_MEVALUATE|
36 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing command /omsg [#channel] <message>|
37 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| $rating identifier for media player rating tag|
38 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| list all root dir text files in help menu|
39 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| "mark server as read" right click menu in sidebar/channelbar and /amark -s|
40 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| /cmode /umode default aliases|
41 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing /flash command|
42 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| beta changes should be included in the update beta dialog|
43 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| separate flash option for private messages in highlights|
44 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| selected text as search text when toggling search box|
45 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to only show balloon tip if AdiIRC is not focused|
46 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| separate option for showing balloon tip on highlight, private message, channel activity|
47 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| /quicksave command|
48 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| options form should remember last page|
49 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| now playing mesages are now parsed as scripts|
50 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| right click menu to reset individual options per page in Options|
51 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| Ctrl + S keybinds to save serverlist and options|
52 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| character/line position/estimated file size display in script editor|
53 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| ctrl + clicking sidebar/channelbar to minimize the window|
54 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| Ctrl + Home, Ctrl + End to go to first/last message|
55 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| right click menu to change sidebar font|
56 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| F5 keybind to reload script in scripts manager|
57 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| "smart" tabcomplete using recently active nicks|
58 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to restore AdiIRC from tray with single click|
59 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option start with windows|
60 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to check for irc:// link association on startup|
61 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| line marker thickness option|
62 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| border thickness option|
63 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| sysinfo recived sent identifier $bwrec $bwsent|
64 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| right click menu to save/clear input buffer|
65 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| userlist control buttons, view -> Userlist Buttons|
66 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| server and channel count to tray icon hover text|
67 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| searching itunes and mediamonkey playlist from ctrl + j|
68 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| button to merge files in log form|
69 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| windows -> Reset All Window Sizes menu|
70 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| ctrl + a for selecting all text in all textboxes|
71 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| $ial().account and $ialchan().account to get a users IRCv3 account name|
72 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| $playcount tag support for winamp|
73 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing identifiers $dll() $dllcall() $nickmode $ifmatch2$menu $menutype $menucontext $activecid|
74 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing identifiers $beta $bits $sslready|
75 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing command /dll -u <name.dll> <procname> [data]|
76 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing command /renwin <@oldname> <@newname> [topic]|
77 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing /U modifier for $regex,$regsub,$regsubex|
78 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing $did() parameter .isedited|
79 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing parameters .loopback .ip .name for $bindip when looking up a ip|
80 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing parameters [-cn] [#channel] [message] for /hop|
81 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing property .idle for $query|
82 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing m<char>pattern<char> in $regex,$regsub,$regsubex|
83 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing parameter push for dialog radio buttons|
84 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing properties extsel multsel for dialog list items|
85 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing parameters -b -c for /hadd /hdec /hinc |
86 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing parameters -n / -x for /query|
87 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing /window -m [/command] [font fontsize] [iconfile] parameters|
88 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing parameters -46ch parameters and queue for /dns|
89 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| support for looking up nicks in /dns|
90 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing parameter "3" for $bytes, also returns wrong format|
91 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| /invite [nick] [#channel]|
92 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $decode doesn't work with &binvars|
93 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channel list sort crashes on some translations|
94 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channel list sort is not saved/restored properly|
95 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| logs manager should focus log window when viewing a log|
96 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $bitoff returns wrong value|
97 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| clicking a toolbar icon created from the input box causes a crash|
98 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| searching some folders in Logs causes a crash|
99 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| pressing space in sidebar should show context menu|
100 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| Up/Down/Left/Right key binds is not working correctly in sidebar|
101 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| focus in sidebar should be restored when shift + clicking|
102 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| mouse middle click for closing window doesn't work in sidebar|
103 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /setayer dialogname should set the layer on the dialog|
104 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /setlayer with no window parameter should set layer of main window|
105 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $regex $regsubex $regsubex POSIX brackets are not working properly|
106 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $calc %<notextile>|</notextile>is not working properly|
107 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channel modes in status bar is not updated correctly on channel join|
108 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /ctcp /notice should split long messages|
109 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $base is not working properly with some characters|
110 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| special characters should not be included in #channel links|
111 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| %variables are not always trimmed correctly|
112 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /ignore -k is ignored in private windows|
113 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| #$N #$? should make sure return value starts with a #|
114 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| parentheses and comma is not always parsed correctly in scripts|
115 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| any combination of $+X should work for combining words|
116 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $duration should be able to convert output back into seconds|
117 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $ctime and other unix timestamps should be year 2038 ready|
118 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| <tab> should be useable anywhere in a word in inputbox|
119 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| sending a command to a disconnected server should show a error|
120 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| typing /quit while not connected to a server causes a crash|
121 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| reload multiple scripts in script editor can cause a crash|
122 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /clear should clear unread line marker position|
123 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $gettok $deltok with negative numbers doesn't always work|
124 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $calc is not always parsed correctly if there are no space after a )|
125 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $findfile $findir wildcards with semicolon filter doesn't work|
126 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /tokenize 0 should tokenize nothing|
127 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| clicking line numbers in script editor should select the matched line|
128 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| pressing shift + HOME/HOME key in script editor should move cursor to start of the first non-space character|
129 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| pressing enter in script editor should indent at same space level as current line|
130 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| variables set to be removed on EXIT is incorrectly removed too early|
131 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| "Rename" in script editor should retain previous file extension|
132 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| "Save As" in script editor doesn't unload the previous script|
133 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /unload -rs should unload first file name match|
134 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| allow $~name identifiers|
135 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| if there are no more undo actions in script editor, script should not be marked as changed|
136 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| using "Delete" text menu item in script editor/inputbox should allow Undo|
137 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| small graphical glitch in sidebar with channels containing & character|
138 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $int() doesn't work with large numbers|
139 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $host and $ip should be filled with local ip/hostname before a server connects|
140 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $version should reply only the version number|
141 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| if a nick has illegal characters, inputbox should ask for a new /nick instead of trying alternative|
142 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /nick on a offline connection should change the connection nick for that connection|
143 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /scon 0 doesnt work|
144 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| \0 in $regsub $regsubex returns wrong count if /g modifier is used|
145 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $calc crashes sometimes|
146 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $bytes(N) should handle bigger numbers|
147 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| spaces before and after {} brackets should be required in scripts|
148 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| KICK event is not triggered if kick came from a user not in the channel|
149 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| background missing from $color()|
150 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $?/$?="" is not parsed correctly|
151 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| theme manager is not working correctly with translations|
152 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /<space><text> should be ignored in inputbox|
153 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| on START is not triggered at the right time|
154 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $shortfn() sometimes return no value|
155 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $nofile() is missing a \ at the end|
156 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| @#channel notices are not parsed correctly|
157 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /onotice is not sending the correct format|
158 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| topic set, channel created date time format should match $asctime|
159 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| %f %ff %fff time variables is now 1-2-3 decimals of milliseconds|
160 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $script(n) should return full path instead of relative|
161 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $ini $readini $remini /writeini - relative path is sometimes wrong|
162 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| double clicking in a server window should send /lusers|
163 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| dclick in non picture windows doesn't work|
164 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| deprecate $volumep, $volume is now in percent|
165 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $volume $volumeb is not updated correctly|
166 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| editing link in Link Warning box is ignored|
167 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| "disconnected" is shown twice in the server window|
168 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| DCC Chat is not working properly|
169 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $ial is not always updated from /who|
170 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $chr(0) should return $null|
171 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| if topicbox ends with a link, hoovering free space after shows invalid link cursor|
172 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| \\ and // operators in scripts can cause a crash and returns wrong result|
173 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $site returns wrong hostname|
174 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| sysinfo commands should be ignored in server window|
175 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some system info identifiers are missing from the docs|
176 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $!identifier is sometimes not evaluated correctly|
177 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| Commands -> Set Away -> OFF isn't working|
178 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| / should be stripped when renaming a script|
179 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $script should show full path|
180 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $nick() non default channel prefixes are ignored|
181 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $prefix is reversed|
182 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $nick() sometimes crashes|
183 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| big text lines is not wrapped correctly|
184 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| negative numbers should be allowed for channel limit in channel editor|
185 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $query(nick).addr returns @ if there is no host/ident|
186 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| dock panel headers should be hidden when "Lock Bars" is enabled|
187 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| dock panel headers should not be moveable by right clicks|
188 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| toolbar icon commands should be parsed as scripts|
189 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $window().dw $window().dh returns wrong size for picture windows|
190 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $date $adate $time is missing leading zero|
191 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $modes in channel titles is missing mode parameters|
192 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channel limit is not correctly parsed on channel join|
193 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $chan(#).mode is missing mode parameters|
194 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channel editor crashes with long user limit|
195 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| MAXLIST is not parsed correctly on some servers|
196 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| stop format tag doesn't work in topicbox|
197 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $duration does not work with double numbers|
198 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /uptime $uptime(system) sometimes returns the wrong duration|
199 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $ticks does not return the correct number|
200 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| manually typing a font/size sometimes crashes the font browser|
201 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /timers off doesn't work|
202 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| ignoring color codes in part quit messages doesn't work|
203 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /ignore /dns quiet flag doesn't work|
204 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $timestamp $logstamp adds a trailing whitespace|
205 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| log filename missing first char for private windows if custom name is used|
206 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $chan is missing in event INVITE|
207 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| colors in on TEXT event should be stripped if ignore -k is matched|
208 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /timer should be associated with current window|
209 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /dns shows a empty line on unresolved|
210 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| brackets in scripts should not be evaluated if there is a space|
211 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some commands fails on servers with multiple channel prefixes|
212 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| moving a dockpanel in front of another panel doesn't work|
213 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| # is not correctly parsed in $identifier( #)|
214 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $$identifier not working for all identifiers|
215 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $query should only count private windows on current server|
216 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| local identifiers doesn't work in /scon and /scid|
217 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| IME popups closes when typing in inputbox/topicbox/script editor|
218 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| allow selecting/copying topic in channel editor if the textbox is disabled|
219 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| unread line marker should by default only be visible for channnel/priv/server windows|
220 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /aline should scroll to bottom if scroll pos was at bottom|
221 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $nick().color should return 1 if random nick colors are disabled|
222 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| shift + tab should not select the newline in input box/script editor|
223 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| automatically set back should only trigger if a non command is typed|
224 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| away system should work per server instead of globally|
225 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| toggle icons in sidebar doesn't work|
226 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| raw 404 should be shown in channel window if existss|
227 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /amsg and /ame should send only one PRIVMSG with target channels separated by ","|
228 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /back should not set back If user is not away|
229 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| pressing enter in rawlog search box should perform a search|
230 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| right click X in dock panel shouldn't close it|
231 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| away timer should be reset after hibernate|
232 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| matchtext in events should be parsed for identifiers/variables if it starts with $ or %|
233 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /join #chan should rejoin a channel if the window exists but not joined|
234 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| all colors/fonts tags should be reset in topic/kick/part/quit messages|
235 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| nick colors are sometimes not inverted correctly|
236 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| theme manager window size/position is not saved correctly|
237 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $! should show result from $input|
238 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /google and /pgoogle should detect and read the proper encoding|
239 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| has write access check fails on some machines|
240 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $awaytime should be reset after raw 306|
241 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $left $progress $duration $length identifiers sometimes gives wrong results|
242 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| <tab> on empty inputbox should cycle all nicks in channnel|
243 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /wsearch /wselect not always working correctly with mediamonkey player|
244 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| whitespaces should be allowed in tabcomplete nicks|
245 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| default/random quit message is parsed wrongly|
246 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| on CTCP crashes|
247 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| line numbers in scripts editor is too slow|
248 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| quick save server dosen't save channels with passwords correctly|
249 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| on TABCOMP is not triggered on empty editbox|
250 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /ignore -<flag> with no nick/address should show a error|
251 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| menu scripts ignores #groups|
252 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| duplicate mouse events in picture windows causes crash|
253 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| closing a channel instead of parting wont trigger part sound|
254 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $bitrate is missing for media monkey player|
255 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a crash when using some windows themes|
256 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| ctrl + l should scroll to unread line marker|
257 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| allow ctrl + z undo when using /editbox|
258 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| reconnect shows "disconnected" in all windows, not just server window|
259 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /server crashes with some invalid parameters|
260 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| if "allow only one copy" and "minimize to tray" is enabled, main window can't be restored|
261 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| select the proper icon size when using favicons or custom icons|
262 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| all main icons should be updated immediately when changing icon|
263 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| scripts manager is not saved/restored properly|
264 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| changing encoding should only update the encoding in the serverlist (not channels)|
265 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| right click -> join dosen't work|
266 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| sounds should only play if the event is not halted|
267 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| switching to/from fullscreen messes up toolbar/menubar/channelbar order|
268 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| aliases should not be allowed to call itself|
269 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| remove every nonwhite space after last closed parenthess in scripts|
270 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| allow [[ and ]] for escaping brackets in scripts|
271 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| maximize button should be disabled in quick connect|
272 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| script files with [script] sections should be loaded as ini files|
273 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /slap $1 is not correct in the default slap|
274 1 Mr. BS
275 1 Mr. BS
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276 1 Mr. BS
277 1 Mr. BS
278 1 Mr. BS
279 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.9.1 - 30-07-2013
280 1 Mr. BS
281 1 Mr. BS
282 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| proxy/socks support|
283 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| $osinstalldate variable|
284 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| exabyte to all byte calculations|
285 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to get favicon from server url|
286 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to set default and individual window icons|
287 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| $date variable for logging|
288 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| "Save All" menu/shortcut in script editor|
289 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to enable/disable formatting links and various formatting improvments|
290 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| <number> <delay> flags for /beep|
291 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| ability to select multiple items in nickcolor list|
292 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| save/restore dock position of menubar/toolbar/channelbar|
293 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| rigthclicking window title will show the menubar menu if menubar is hidden|
294 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| new sound options|
295 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| -n -p parameters for /run and set proper working directory|
296 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| unlimited connection retries if retries is set to 0|
297 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to set custom background image per window|
298 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to use a global up/down input history|
299 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing $window properties|
300 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| irc6:// ircs6:// support|
301 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to enable/disable regain nick|
302 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| missing b parameter for binvars in $encode|
303 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| LOGON event|
304 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| /bset -c chop parameter|
305 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| -an parameters for /clipboard, also allow empty params to clear clipboard|
306 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| raw 328 link support|
307 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| menus in custom windows with menu @name|
308 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| add /dline [c] <@name> <N[-N2]>|
309 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| close button for dock panels|
310 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| ignore list GUI|
311 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| edit commands should be named edit aliases|
312 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /slaps should be parsed as scripts|
313 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| allow empty messages in events e.g notice|
314 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $line sometimes returns empty string incorrectly|
315 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $script should return relative path|
316 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /loadbuf <name> <file> not parsed correcly|
317 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /sline doesn't work on users with channel modes|
318 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| event HOTLINK is not triggered correctly|
319 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $active and $target doesn't work with custom windows|
320 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| hash tables should be case insensitive|
321 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $sha1/$md5 doesn't work with &binvars|
322 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /bset sometimes crashes|
323 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| parsing {} brackets sometimes fails|
324 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| graphic glitch offset on text with background colors|
325 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| graphic glitch with diacritical characters|
326 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /fwrite -b &bin doesn't work|
327 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| all windows regardless of type should be saved the same way|
328 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /bw should show a error message if no network adapter is set|
329 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /bset <N> is one byte off when inserting at pos <N>|
330 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| if (<int> isnum <int>) not working|
331 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a random crash on startup|
332 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| client messages should be threated as system messages not channel messages|
333 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /toolbar -u doesn't refresh toolbar image|
334 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $width and $height reports wrong value|
335 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| event ACTIVE should be fired after the activation have taken place|
336 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| random nick color option should be in Options -> Colors|
337 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| clicking edit toolbar while edit toolbar is already open causes a crash|
338 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| event TABCOMP should fill $1- with the tabcompleted text|
339 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $style(X) was not always parsed correctly|
340 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $1 in menus should be filled with nick or channel|
341 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| ctrl + z undo when tabcompleting nicks/inserting format/color tags in inputbox didn't work|
342 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| minor drawing glitch in the sidebar on certain fonts|
343 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $ial should be updated whenever 311 is encountered|
344 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| bans are not removed from channel editor if multiple bans are in the same MODE|
345 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| event INPUT triggers on all @custom windows instead of the matched one|
346 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| nickcolors/textcolors are sometimes not inverted correctly|
347 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channels with "&&" displays incorrectly in sidebar|
348 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| raw 486 and 460 should use settings from Events -> Errors|
349 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $ial should only check current server|
350 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /window -e/-E should add inputbox|
351 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $chan(#invalidchan, 0) should return $null instead of 0|
352 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $scon and $scid couldn't use local identifiers|
353 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /set fails to parse %vars if first parameter is a identifier|
354 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $() is not executed inside /var and [ ] evaluation|
355 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| should only capture first match if /g is not defined in $regsub and $regsubex|
356 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $base should convert both lowercase/uppercase characters|
357 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| Goto Line 0 in script editor caused a crash|
358 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /slap sometimes caused a crash|
359 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| reconnect server retries should be reset on manual disconnect|
360 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /paths to show both the install path and the config path|
361 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| raw 330 should be parsed as whois|
362 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| shortcut keys to add bold/italic/underline/color in sysinfo editor didn't work|
363 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /sysinfo /uptime was sometimes slow|
364 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /diskinfo <drive> didn't work|
365 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| copying text on asian locale didn't work|
366 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| update timer sometimes causes a crash on startup|
367 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $gmt $date $actime to work properly with timezones|
368 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| <tab> should add 2 spaces instead of <tab> in script editor|
369 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| *.mts and *.mrc should be filtered in script manager/theme editor|
370 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| options menu shortcut should be Alt+O|
371 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some channel bans didn't show up|
372 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channel editor should be enabled for half ops|
373 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| ":" should be stripped from on RAW 302 and 340|
374 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| sidebar userlist should be off by default|
375 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| issue with disappearing dockpanels|
376 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| menubar icon is sometimes the wrong icon|
377 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| reset usermenu width if its changed|
378 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| animateicon in system tray wasn't working|
379 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| cut of the text in channelbar if the text is wider than the button|
380 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| linenumber for the last line in script editor was missing|
381 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /viewlog with no parameters should open logfile on current window|
382 1 Mr. BS
383 1 Mr. BS
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384 1 Mr. BS
385 1 Mr. BS
386 1 Mr. BS
387 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.9.0 - 18-05-2013
388 1 Mr. BS
389 1 Mr. BS
390 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)UTF-8%| is now the default encoding|
391 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| mIRC scripting support - See wiki for more info|
392 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| MTS themes support|
393 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| options for default window sizes|
394 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| undockable activity panel for private messages|
395 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| undockable activity panel for channel messages|
396 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| undockable activity panel for server messages|
397 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| undockable activity panel for notices|
398 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| undockable activity panel for url catcher|
399 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| undockable activity panel for notify status|
400 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| undockable activity panel for highlights|
401 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| undockable activity panel for transfers|
402 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| ircs:// links support|
403 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| +port for ssl connections in quick connect and serverlist|
404 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| uhnames support|
405 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to start AdiIRC minimized|
406 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| %ord variable for suffixing in days (18th)|
407 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| %t %tt variables for PM AM|
408 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to hide the menubar and use ALT to bring it back|
409 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| perform option for quick connect|
410 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| drag drop support to install plugins/themes/scripts|
411 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| new toolbox where text can be selected|
412 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| new about box with clickable link|
413 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| "type a head" support in userlist|
414 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| back common keybinds for userlist|
415 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| search/replace functions for scripts editor|
416 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| open links warning dialog|
417 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| options to disable/enable loggings of individual channels|
418 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| ability to change channels with mousebutton 4-5|
419 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| play/stop/pause/next/prev support for media monkey|
420 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| Potplayer now playing support|
421 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| ctrl +/- to change the font size in a window temporary|
422 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| ability to install/run plugins as non admin|
423 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| ability to create custom nick color rules|
424 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to bind dcc to an adapter and an option to prioritize ipv6|
425 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to hide/show join/part/quit.. events|
426 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| new spacing options single/paragraph/double|
427 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to use serverlist labels as "network name"|
428 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to show/show sticky/hide topicbox|
429 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| tooltips for server history menu|
430 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(rem)Removed%| restore logs limit|
431 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(chd)File%| file paths are now relative for portability|
432 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(chd)Topicbox%| is by default one line and expanded when focused|
433 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Pressing%| shift when starting AdiIRC will bypass any autoconnect servers|
434 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(chd)All%| window size/positions are now saved/restored|
435 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Complete%| rewrite of thememanager|
436 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Complete%| rewrite of script editor|
437 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(chd)Changed%| the way channelbar items resizes|
438 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Improved%| all statusbar menus and events|
439 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Improved%| search functions for multiline text in channels|
440 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Improved%| logs/logsviewer|
441 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Improved%| update system, check every day/week/month|
442 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some tabcomplete issues|
443 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several issues with background images|
444 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some issues with sidebar and dual screen|
445 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| DCC transfers was slow|
446 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| logging on servers without a network name failed|
447 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several issues with mouse clicks in sidebar|
448 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several issues related to links in channels|
449 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| an issue where tray icon would dissapear|
450 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| an issue where sidebar would be blink/flash|
451 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| an issue where scrolling text was slow|
452 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| an issue with tracking nick changes in query windows|
453 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| an issue with foobar2000 now playing|
454 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| an issue where winamp now playing stoppped working|
455 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /ignore crashes if no ignore file exists|
456 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| associate irc:// links was not working as non admin|
457 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| UserMessage and SendData are not sent to plugins|
458 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a issue with saving "Show in active" settings|
459 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a issue where DCC transfers stopped at 99%|
460 1 Mr. BS
461 1 Mr. BS
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462 1 Mr. BS
463 1 Mr. BS
464 1 Mr. BS
465 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.10 - 13-08-2012
466 1 Mr. BS
467 1 Mr. BS
468 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| a complete rewrite of scripting and tons of new functions, see scripting wiki for more info|
469 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| new font dialog and ability to use almost any font|
470 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| message indent option|
471 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| message maxbuffer lines option|
472 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| message doublespacing option|
473 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| message unread line marker option|
474 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| message option to autoscroll to bottom when typing|
475 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| search box to rawlog and other improvments|
476 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| better /ignore functions, see wiki for more info|
477 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| /notify and View -> Notify functions|
478 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| /timer command|
479 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to singleclick links|
480 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| doubleclicking a query window will send a WHOIS|
481 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| DCC Chat support|
482 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| DCC Resume support and ETA in transfer window|
483 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| several improvments to the Option window, allowing resize and scrolling|
484 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| a Exit Fullscreen menu|
485 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| a channellist icon in the toolbar|
486 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| duckduckgo as a toolbar search engine, updated icons|
487 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to track away status in userlist|
488 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| showing duplicate bans in a different color|
489 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| CPU and RAM usage toolbar item|
490 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| %cpuload for sysinfo and sysinfo is now fully scriptable, check the scripting wiki|
491 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| rightlick menu in statusbar to toggle all statusbar items|
492 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| rightlick menu in statusbar to change network adapter|
493 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| rightclick option to change encoding/charset|
494 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| several new options for logging including rotating by size|
495 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| disconnect on computer sleep and reconnect on computer resume|
496 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| a send delay option to not flood a server (200ms default)|
497 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(chd)Changed%| /sleep, syntax is now /sleep [seconds] [/command]|
498 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(chd)Changed%| default nick and alternative nick to be the windows login username|
499 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(chd)Changed%| UTF8 to be shown at the top of the encoding list|
500 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(chd)Changed%| update window to be shown before logging on any servers|
501 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| sorting by size in the log viewer|
502 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| URL association to work without admin rights|
503 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a issue with links that have a ! in them|
504 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| installer looses on UAC prompt|
505 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a issue where loading option window was very slow|
506 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several issues with Edit Toolbar|
507 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| default toolbar search engine was not saved|
508 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| DCC menu in querys didnt work|
509 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| better check if an option is changed before asking to save|
510 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several DCC issues|
511 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| autoaccept DCC didnt work|
512 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several issues related to window states/changing window|
513 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| changing window between docked/undocked leaves the undocked window selected|
514 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a issue where windows position was not saved|
515 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| next button in message search didnt work|
516 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a crash on reconnect|
517 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a crash in highlight window if history was to big|
518 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some issues where plugins and scripts didnt work togheter|
519 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| google search didnt work|
520 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| plugins was not copied after install|
521 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| issue where sidebar userlist didnt always update|
522 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| customcolors was not restored in color picker|
523 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| lag spikes on connect|
524 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| crash sometimes when doubleclicking in empty part of the userlist|
525 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| clicking &Nick in channels didnt work|
526 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| sliced topics in topiobox|
527 1 Mr. BS
528 1 Mr. BS
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529 1 Mr. BS
530 1 Mr. BS
531 1 Mr. BS
532 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.9 - 21-10-2011
533 1 Mr. BS
534 1 Mr. BS
535 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Improved%| check for changes in the serverlist before asking to save|
536 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a crash when using AdiIRC in remote desktop|
537 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| clicking media player icons didnt work|
538 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| clicking text in highlight history caused input box to resize|
539 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| an possible crash when opening a file from DCC list|
540 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| an issue with paiting borders on resize|
541 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| commands starting with a whitespace caused EditCommands to crash|
542 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| opening rawlog from quickconnect caused a crash|
543 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| sorting userlist alphabetically didnt work|
544 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| auto away somtimes sets away too early|
545 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| users parting sometimes caused a crash|
546 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| getting external ip from some servers|
547 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| importing theme used invalid font|
548 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| loading options with invalid font size can cause a crash|
549 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a crash when changeing nick when a tool window is selected|
550 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| docking a window makes window disappear in MDI mode|
551 1 Mr. BS
552 1 Mr. BS
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553 1 Mr. BS
554 1 Mr. BS
555 1 Mr. BS
556 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.8 - 16-10-2011
557 1 Mr. BS
558 1 Mr. BS
559 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| setup64 didnt install to the x64 program folder|
560 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| expermintal support for some scripting, see the wiki for info|
561 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| several tricks for reducing AdiIRC file size|
562 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option for using UTF8 fallback if normal encoding fails|
563 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| Clementine now playing support|
564 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| topic/input/userlist custom drawn borders and option for changing the border color|
565 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| language would reset to default after applying options|
566 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a issue where AdiIRC prevent shutdown/sleep on quit|
567 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some issues with the toolbar editor|
568 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to set size of the channel buttons in the channelbar|
569 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several theme editor issues|
570 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several away issues|
571 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| Use global settings in away for overriding away settings on some networks|
572 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| several improvments for pasting large colored text blocks|
573 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| colored logs|
574 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to change default userlist size|
575 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to use double spaced messages|
576 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to show userlist on the left side|
577 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| windows Icons on the buttons in the channelbar|
578 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| clicking a nick in the channel, will select the nick in the userlist|
579 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| seperate color for NICK events|
580 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| NAMESX support|
581 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| an issue where bandwidth monitor didnt update|
582 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| CTRL+i didnt work as expected|
583 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| CTRL+backspace didnt work as expected|
584 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some issues related to opening AdiIRC with irc:// links|
585 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| several improvments for Channel/Nick tabbing|
586 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| /nosmg /noquery they will not open a dialog if used in Perform/Autocommands|
587 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| issue logging nicks with special characters|
588 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| rawlog autocopy text|
589 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /meminfo didnt work on 64 bit|
590 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| issue saving slaps didnt work|
591 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Rewrote%| multiline messages, fixing several bugs|
592 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| highlight on channel activity didnt work|
593 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| sidebar treeview was not drawn correctly|
594 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channel list crash on some servers|
595 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Rewrote%| serverlist to use server groups|
596 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a crash when saving serverlist|
597 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Rewrote%| the random nick color for more randomness|
598 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| toggle lock/unlock topic|
599 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| channel editor|
600 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to disable bold on nicks/channels in all client messages|
601 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| invite to channel menu didnt work|
602 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| channel modes view in status bar|
603 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Rewrote%| the core and split it up from the client, huge improvments and fixes|
604 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Rewrote%| the entire userlist, now custom drawn and fixing several issues|
605 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| closing windows with shift + click didnt work|
606 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| issue with duplicate ignores|
607 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to enable a blank line at the bottom of message window|
608 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| log browser and log preview|
609 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| private logs was not always reloaded|
610 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| shortcut wrapping of italic/bold/underline/colors|
611 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| expanding sidebar made cursor dissapear|
612 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| font dialog sometimes cause a crash|
613 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| bold characters was not always parsed|
614 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several parsing issues of WHO, WHOIS, now includes timestamps|
615 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several bugs related to saving window positions|
616 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| channel status for quit/part/mode messages|
617 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| more options for changing window titles|
618 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| support for connecting to DNS pools|
619 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| selecting text made harddrive spin|
620 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| support for ipv6|
621 1 Mr. BS
622 1 Mr. BS
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623 1 Mr. BS
624 1 Mr. BS
625 1 Mr. BS
626 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.7 - 15-02-2011
627 1 Mr. BS
628 1 Mr. BS
629 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| jumping messages/big white space at the bottom of messages|
630 1 Mr. BS
631 1 Mr. BS
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632 1 Mr. BS
633 1 Mr. BS
634 1 Mr. BS
635 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.6 - 01-02-2011
636 1 Mr. BS
637 1 Mr. BS
638 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Hotfix%| release|
639 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| choosing color in options caushed a crash|
640 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| sometimes clicking a nick in channel with status prefix didnt work|
641 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| changing nick sometimes caused a crash|
642 1 Mr. BS
643 1 Mr. BS
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644 1 Mr. BS
645 1 Mr. BS
646 1 Mr. BS
647 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.5 - 31-01-2011
648 1 Mr. BS
649 1 Mr. BS
650 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Translations%| now includes in the installer|
651 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)New%| installer elevates to admin, and back to user when running adiirc|
652 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Various%| parts rewritten under the hood|
653 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to change default encoding|
654 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| option to set a "first word" prefix|
655 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| doubleclicking a channel in channellist joins the channel|
656 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| sort channellist on most user by default, also saves current sort order|
657 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| network wide serverlist changes and many other improvments|
658 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| several new variables for window titles, and options for priv/server|
659 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| toggling of topic show/edit (default show, rightclick to edit)|
660 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| regain of orginial nick when disconnected|
661 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| SOP/HOP right click menus|
662 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| /debug command to create debug file|
663 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| dialog to save serverlist and options on closing|
664 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| incomming dcc requests was using wrong download folder|
665 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| festore log from huge logfiles caused crash|
666 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| parsing of 320 messages|
667 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a reset of znc log after disconnect|
668 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| Saving options with a toolwindow open caused crash|
669 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| join/part color was showing wrong color|
670 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| rawlog as a proper dockable window and added a Debug tab|
671 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| selecting multiple users in userlist now fires one MODE instead of X|
672 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| away message was sometimes saved without the time variables|
673 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some cases where spaces from messages where removed|
674 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| chaging sidebar background also changed the serverlist backgroind|
675 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| OP color in sidebar dosent show|
676 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| Horizontal scrollbar in the sidebar sometimes inventively long|
677 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| userflags not always showing correctly in the userlist and sidebar|
678 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| theme editor didnt load some colors|
679 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| tile window horizontal showed a debug box|
680 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /away [message] didnt set new message|
681 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| issue with logging private messages|
682 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| ctcp ping crash|
683 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| pressing enter in channel list should join channel|
684 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| issue server lock when nick is in use|
685 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| reorder channels in channelbar|
686 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| moving mouse in userlist sometimes causes crash|
687 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| rare identd crash|
688 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /msg in autocommands caused crash|
689 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| crash on empty slaps file|
690 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channel tab-complete|
691 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| wrongly timed channel messages|
692 1 Mr. BS
693 1 Mr. BS
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694 1 Mr. BS
695 1 Mr. BS
696 1 Mr. BS
697 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.4 - 20-04-2010
698 1 Mr. BS
699 1 Mr. BS
700 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several trivial bugs and potential crashes|
701 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| Plugin issue where OnUserMessage didnt fire|
702 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| CTRL + Backslash for deleting a word|
703 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(any)Rewrite%| and fixed multiline paste of text|
704 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| $channel would return a malformed channel name|
705 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| links with $ in them|
706 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| channelbar would revert top dock at the top after applying options|
707 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| Send to tray on close also minimized to task bar|
708 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| question dialog when closing options|
709 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| a nickcomplete bug|
710 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| logging of channels with / in their name|
711 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| some issues with newer versions of ZNC|
712 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /me' shows raw ACTION in channel on some networks|
713 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| /reconnect didnt work|
714 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| better perform /sleep|
715 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| escape character for <notextile>|</notextile> in edit commands|
716 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(chd)Changed%| /sleep [seconds] to /sleep [seconds] [command to execute]|
717 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| bug could not type in a channel after rejoin|
718 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| Media Player Classic now playing support|
719 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| VLC Media Player now playing support|
720 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| right click menu in channel to change encoding|
721 1 Mr. BS
722 1 Mr. BS
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723 1 Mr. BS
724 1 Mr. BS
725 1 Mr. BS
726 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.3 - 22-03-2009
727 1 Mr. BS
728 1 Mr. BS
729 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| options showed wrong language selected|
730 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| full unicode supported messages|
731 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| quickconnect serverhost/serverport was not saved correctly|
732 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| better crash debug|
733 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| unicode copy/paste|
734 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| serverlist showed wrong encoding|
735 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| issue where ignore caused no messages to display|
736 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| access denied issue when reciving DCC|
737 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| corrupted memory crash related to highlight sounds|
738 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| crash when disconnecting/closing|
739 1 Mr. BS
740 1 Mr. BS
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741 1 Mr. BS
742 1 Mr. BS
743 1 Mr. BS
744 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.2 - 12-01-2008
745 1 Mr. BS
746 1 Mr. BS
747 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several random crashes when typing or copy/pasting|
748 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| Check for update was still not working without UAC|
749 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| Spotify now playing support|
750 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| non multiline highlight showed wrong color|
751 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| bug when parsing highlights with {Nick}|
752 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| crash when starting in Windows 7 Beta 1|
753 1 Mr. BS
754 1 Mr. BS
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755 1 Mr. BS
756 1 Mr. BS
757 1 Mr. BS
758 1 Mr. BS
h2(ch). AdiIRC 1.8.1 - 07-12-2008
759 1 Mr. BS
760 1 Mr. BS
761 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| notice how to get back from fullscreen mode|
762 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| check for update didn't check for UAC privileges|
763 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| green/yellow/red textcolors on lagbar to indicate connection status|
764 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| clickable spotify links|
765 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| several DCC issues|
766 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| tool windows didn't change selected window in channelbar/sidebar|
767 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| links not working when ending in closing brackets|
768 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| check weither incomming text is UTF-8 if not fallback to system default|
769 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| plugins didn't install correctly|
770 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(fix)Fixed%| bandwith monitor in status bar not working correctly|
771 1 Mr. BS
|>(r).%(add)Added%| Massive code cleanup, speed gains and removing potentional bugs|
772 1 Mr. BS
773 1 Mr. BS
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774 1 Mr. BS
775 1 Mr. BS
776 1 Mr. BS
777 1 Mr. BS
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