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Release Notes Page 6

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.13 - 12-01-2006

Added Show random nickname colors
Fixed regexp of highligting nicks
Fixed a bug with Dockchan not removed with /part
Fixed "Cannot send to channel" show in channel
Fixed Disconnect FileMenu works

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.12 - 12-01-2006

Fixed some options focus bugs
Fixed some server disconnects bugs
Added basic Identd server and options
Fixed Auto Join Channels only works at first run
Changed some Functions to see if AutoScroll works better
Added SHIFT + Mouseclick to close chan and private windows
Fixed message scrolling with scroll mouse

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.11 - 11-01-2006

Fixed the part msg bug again
Added /cyckle [msg] for parting/join all chans
Added msg when joined inactive chan
Added fix for dock now showing
Added key to /join
Clear userlist/topic on kick
Set Show In Active INVITE,NOTICE and CTCP at default
Added /rejoin for rejoining inactive chans
Fixed /notice showing right place

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.10 - 10-01-2006

Fixed a bug with closing server removed channels
Added Auto Rejoin On Kick option
Added Keep Channels Open option
Fixed some windowclose bugs

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.9 - 10-01-2006

Added CTRL+/something+ENTER = /something
Fixed a bug with options not showing right
Fixed //cmd shows /cmd
Added autoupdate of hostname in priv windows
Added saving last typed msg in msg history
Added /join #chan,#chan,#chan
Fixed a bug with window trying to part after kick
Fixed some bugs with wrong tabcolors and default colors

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.8 - 09-01-2006

Speeded up the client renderer some
Fixed a bug with no messages showing after /clear
Fixed a bug with screen going white
Added ALT + A for toggle AlwaysOnTop in undocked windows
Added AlwaysOnTop for options window if main window is top
Fixed font/size save and autochange fonts on controls
Added ALT + A for toogle AlwaysOnTop

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.7 - 09-01-2006

Fixed // works like /
Fixed a ALT + 2 bug
Fixed new priv windows dont have focus at open
Fixed Highlight/color on priv
Added Always on top option
Fixed a check for update bug
Fixed another color bug
Fixed a bug showing wrong options
Fixed a bug with %user in winamp in default options

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.6 - 09-01-2006

Fixed a bug with lowercase highlight replace
Fixed a few bugs with /msg
Fixed a stupid bug with -m and -new
Fixed a bug with wrong highlight colors
Fixed a bug with ALT GR not working

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.5 - 09-01-2006

Fixed a case sensitive bug with nick highlight
Fixed a bug with font not saved
Fixed check for new version at run
Fixed /ame only works for current server
Added -m to /server (same as -new)
Added apply button to Options dialog
Added 0 to day/month in logging
Fixed a bug with closing windows
Added ALT + Z/CTRL + W for closing windows
Added ALT 1-0 for changing windows
Fixed a focus bug when clicking message area

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.4 - 08-01-2006

Fixed a VERSION bug
Changed Icon in tray and added icon to .exe
Added Flash Whole Line option
Fixed autojoin/nicks/dock config saved at first run
Fixed a bug with highlight not working at first run
Fixed som VERSION stuff

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.3 - 08-01-2006

Added automatic check for new versions
Added Unixtime to /ping and /ctcp ping

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.2 - 08-01-2006

Added Flash/stop Flash window on highlight
Fixed a bug with $user not highlighting

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3.1 - 08-01-2006

Fixed a scroll bug (again)
Fixed a bug with some options was not saved correct

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AdiIRC Beta 1.3 - 08-01-2006

Added ContextMenu for trayicon Minimize/Maximize/Restore/Options/Close
Added Changes menu in menubar, fetching this file from HTTP
Added autosave of dockbar position
Fixed a nasty bug with windows not showing after minimize
Fixed a bug showing usernick change in all channels
Fixed a bug with @Users didnt vanish from userlist
Fixed an annoying bug with channel text scrolling
Added /osinfo and /meminfo
Added "Show in taskbar" when detaching a window
Added My Color in options/Channels
Added ident@host to join/part/quit
Changed padding on button in Dockbar

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AdiIRC Beta 1.2 - 08-01-2006

Added Help file in menu, showing commands
Added temporary save of autojoin/usernick and second nick to config
Added new Tray Icon (temporary)
Fixed GetHostEntry (old function was depricated)
Fixed UNIX timestamp to nice date (and vica versa) converter

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AdiIRC Beta 1.1 - 07-01-2006

Fixed Highlight
Made channel autojoin (temporary)
Added /slap users file with random slaps and a menu i userlist

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