AdiIRC has a powerful scripting language which can be used to extend/change the clients behavior.

It's modeled after the popular mIRC scripting language, make sure you read the compatibility section.

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Example scripts

Simple kickcounter script:

alias kick { 
    if (!%kickcount) %kickcount = 0

    inc %kickcount

    if (!$3) { 
        kick # $$2 Kick number %kickcount

Kickban example

alias kb {
  if (!$1) {
    echo /kb - Nick missing

  var %msg = $iif(#, $2-, $3-)
  var %chan = $iif(#, #, $2)

  ; Set this for default ban reason, or remove for no default reason
  ; Can be shortened to %msg = $iif(%msg, %msg, GTFO)
  if (!%msg) %msg = GTFO

  if ($me isop %chan) {
    MODE %chan +b $wildsite
    KICK %chan $1 %msg
  else echo You are not oper on %chan

Simple calculator script:

alias calc {
  if (!$1) {
    echo /calc - Parameters missing

  ; typing /calc -p <expression> sends output to channel
  if ($1 == -p) {
    msg # Calculating : $2-
    msg # Result is : $calc($2-)
  else {
    echo Calculating : $1-
    echo Result is : $calc($1-)

Colored version

alias calc {
  if (!$1) {
    echo /calc - Parameters missing

  # typing /calc -p <expression> sends output to channel
  if ($1 == -p) {
    msg # $chr(3)4Calculating : $2-
    msg # $chr(3)4Result is : $calc($2-)
  else {
    echo $chr(3)4Calculating : 4$1-
    echo $chr(3)4Result is : $calc($1-)

CTCP flood detection example

CTCP *:*:*:{
  if (!%count) set -u10 %count 1
  else inc -u10 %count 1

  if (%count > 4) ignore -tu30 $wildsite

Mass mode example

alias mass {
  if (!$2) {
    echo /mass - Parameters missing [+/-<mode> <nick> <nick> <nick>]

  %len = 2

  ; equal to while (%len <= $count(%1-, $chr(32)))
  while (%len <= $0) {
    if ($(%len) ison #) mode # $1 $($ $+ %len)
    inc %len

Shows info about servers, channels and users

on *:JOIN:#: {
  var %s = $scon(0), %c = 0, %u = 0, %t = 0, %c2 = 0;

  while (%t < %s) {
    inc %t
    scon $scon(%t);
    inc %c $chan(0)

    %c2 = 0
    while (%c2 < $chan(0)) {
      inc %c2
      inc %u $nick($chan(%c2), 0)

  /echo You are on ( $+ %s $+ ) servers, ( $+ %c $+ ) channels with ( $+ %u $+ ) users

It is possible to use scripts as functions.
These functions are fully nested like the client functions.

Lets say you make a /mycalc like this.

alias mycalc {
  return $calc($$1 + $$2);

Then you can call this function with eiter /mycalc <number> <number> the normal way or $mycalc(<number, <number>)
Typing /testcalc will show the result.

alias testcalc {
  echo -a $1 + $2 is $mycalc($1, $2);
  echo -a 5 + 4 is $mycalc(5, 4);

Simple convert temperature C to F or F to C
/temp C 20 will print 68 F

alias temp {
  if ($1 == C) echo $calc(($2 * 9/5) + 32) F
  else if ($1 == F) echo $round($calc(($2 - 32) * 5/9), 1) C
  else echo Temp missing

Announce song changes in a channel or to a user

On *:SONG:{ 
  nmsg <network> <channel/Nick> $1-

Announce to several channels with:

On *:SONG:{ 
  nmsg <network> <channel1/Nick>,<channel2/Nick> $1-
  nmsg <network2> <channel3/Nick> $1- 

Automatically find the summary of a imdb url

On *:TEXT:*:#k: {
  var %reg = $regex($1-, http://www\.imdb\.com(/title/[a-z0-9]+/))
  if (!%reg) { return }
  sockclose imdb
  unset %data
  %imdb = $regml(1) $+ plotsummary
  %imdbchan = #
  sockopen imdb 80

on *:sockopen:imdb: {
  sockwrite -n imdb GET %imdb HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -n imdb Host:
  sockwrite -n imdb User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/536.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/19.0.1084.24 Safari/536.5
  sockwrite -n imdb Referer:
  sockwrite -n imdb Accept: text/xml,application/xml,application/xhtml+xml,text/html;q=0.9,text/plain;q=0.8,video/x-mng,image/png,image/jpeg,image/gif;q=0.2,text/css,*/*;q=0.1
  sockwrite -n imdb Accept-Language: en-us, en;q=0.50
  sockwrite -n imdb Connection: Close $+ $crlf $+ $crlf

on *:sockread:imdb:{
  sockread %text
  %data = %data $+ %text 

on *:sockclose:imdb: {
  if ($regex(%data, <p class="plotSummary">([\s\S]*?)</p>)) {
    msg %imdbchan $regml(1)

  unset %data

mIRC scripting compatibility

Although mostly compatible, AdiIRC scripting is not fully compatible, there are missing features, various bugs and differences.

As such, asking for AdIRC scripting help should not be done in mIRC specific channels or forums, unless it's a script developed for mIRC and the question is related to mIRC only.

You can ask for AdiIRC scripting help on the Scripting forum or in the #adiirc channel on

Submitting scripting bug reports

First verify the script works correctly in mIRC unless it uses AdIRC specific features, then narrow down the bug to the smallest possible lines of code before submitting.

Include as much information about the problem as possible, such as observed behavior and what the expected behavior should be.

More information

You can find many AdiIRC scripts in the Scripting forum or mIRC scripts in places such as

Not everyone will work, if you find one that dosen't, see above on how to report a bug.

For more on mIRC scripting and how it works, check out and

Known issues

Some $regex/$regsub/$regsubex regular expression features are missing since AdiIRC uses the .NET regular expression engine.
$calc parentheses are not always parsed correctly, adding spaces around them helps.
[] brackets doesn't work inside identifiers and /if expressions and sometimes adds extra spaces in the result, adding spacing around them helps fix the inside identifiers issue.
N-N range doesn't work correctly in some identifiers, specifically token identifiers.
DLL's designed to inject them self into mIRC's memory doesn't work (And never will).
Various parsing issues/differences in $calc.