Added in 1.9.4

/showadiirc -mnrstxoplfz [x y w h]

Manipulates the display of the main AdiIRC window.

Same as /showmirc.


Switch Description
-n Minimize.
-r Restore (Restores to previous window state, normal or maximized).
-s Show.
-t Tray.
-x Maximize.
-o On Top.
-p Not On Top.
-m Minimize according to tray setting.
-f Fullscreen. (see also /fullscreen)
-l Lock screen, can be used wit the -ntm switches to lock the screen. (see also /lock)
-z Indicates [x y w h] is defined. (AdiIRC only)


Parameter Description
[x y w h] AdiIRC main window Position and size, used with -z (AdiiRC only)