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h1. Support 

 Please check the links below, if you still need help, visit us on "Freenode":irc:// irc network, channel *#adiirc*. 

 You can also send an "email" or pm on "reddit":, "Twitter": 

 * "Wiki":/projects/adiirc/wiki. 
 * "Forum for discussing issues and solutions":/projects/adiirc/boards 
 * "Check for fixed issues":/projects/adiirc/issues or "report a bug/issue":/projects/adiirc/new bug/issues":/projects/adiirc/new 
 * [[Scripting_Commands|List of user commands in the client]] 
 * [[Hotkeys|List of shortcuts]] 
 * [[Scripting|Scripting documentation]] 
 * "Plugin API documentation": 
 * [[Getting_Involved|Getting involved]] 
 * [[FAQ|Frequently asked questions]]