Aliases for 3 types of bans

Added by Charlie Sorrow over 2 years ago

I am a new AdiIRC user and do not yet know its scripting language. Therefore, I would like to ask how I could set aliases for 3 types of bans:
1. on nickname
2. on ident
3. on host

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RE: Aliases for 3 types of bans - Added by Paul Janson over 2 years ago

The ban must always be on an address mask, so you would need to create a wildcard which matches what you want to do.
$address(nick,mask number) can create different masks, but only if the nick is in the internal address list
//echo -a $address($me,3) is one example.
If your input is someone's full address, you can use $mask(string,mask number) to translate it to one of the various address types
//var %address nick! | echo -a $mask(%address,3)

You weren't clear what kind of host ban you wanted, that specific hostname, or their entire ISP, etc?
There's not a mask number for each type, so sometimes you need to create the ban mask yourself
To match a specific nick regardless of address:
//mode #channel +b $+($nick,!*@*)
To match userid regardless of hostname:
//var %address nick! | echo -a $gettok($gettok(%address,2,33),1,64)