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10:41 PM AdiIRC Support: RE: Trying to Connect to Undernet
exactly what message does undernet give you? And did the message include any contact info to appeal? Sometimes these ... Paul Janson


01:47 AM AdiIRC Wiki edit: $date (#4)
Paul Janson
01:44 AM AdiIRC Wiki edit: $adate (#5)
Paul Janson
01:43 AM AdiIRC Wiki edit: $adate (#4)
Paul Janson
01:11 AM AdiIRC Wiki edit: Sendkeys (#8)
Paul Janson


05:42 AM AdiIRC Support: RE: Way to cancel messages due to anti-flood?
Not quite an answer to your question, but a way to keep the problem from happening in the 1st place. Normally if the ... Paul Janson
05:37 AM AdiIRC Support: RE: Set Away
I'm sure people in other timezones would be more interested in how-long rather than timestamps according to your cloc... Paul Janson


12:15 AM AdiIRC Scripting : RE: Help needed
... Paul Janson
12:11 AM AdiIRC Scripting : RE: I am looking for a script to replace the entered nickname
... Paul Janson


09:53 PM AdiIRC Support: RE: OP'ing more than 3 people via nicklist menu
This is a nested issue. First you look at the line you're executing, then look at the alias which it executes.
In ...
Paul Janson

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