SASL problem

Added by Nick N about 8 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I'm running into an issue when I use my proxy. I get these messages over and over:

09:40 *** Notice -- You need to identify via SASL to use this server
09:40 > ¤ < Closing Link: gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/account (SASL access only)

From my understanding, I am using SASL. I chose it under the login methods. I did register for a nicname. I did get a confirmation about the registering of the name. I seem to have done everything correctly on my part, I think. Did I miss something?

The funny thing is, if i disconnect and reconnect 7-8 times, it will eventually allow me to connect to Freenode and continue on with my day. It's just the initial startup connection is a real pain ever since I started using a PROXY.

Thanks for all of your help in advance!


I would also like to add that my IRC\Proxy config is good. When I do get connected, I receive the following message:
19:18 > ¤ < Connecting to port 6667..
19:18 * Looking up your hostname...
Checking Ident
Found your hostname
19:18 *
No Ident response
19:18 > ¤ < You are now logged in as myusername.
19:18 > ¤ < SASL authentication successful

I haven't changed anything keep in mind.

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RE: SASL problem - Added by Per Amundsen about 8 years ago

Tested some random proxies from all of them authenticated with SASL.

Can you post a proxy IP with the issue?

RE: SASL problem - Added by Nick N about 8 years ago

I'm using PrivateInternetAccess's proxy.

Type: Socks5
Port: 1080

Unfortunately, you'd need an account with them to test... I'm willing to post as many screenshots as neccessary or send whatever logs are needed to resolve.

Thanks in advance.

RE: SASL problem - Added by Per Amundsen about 8 years ago

Yeah I can't test that.

All I can think of, open Top menu -> File -> Rawlog, then do the connect, after connect, go to the rawlog window, copy/paste the data from the "Debug" dropdown, then select the server in the dropdown and copy/paste the data from there.

Your username/password etc will be in that log, so make sure you blank that out before pasting, replace with *** so the syntax is intact.

For added privacy you can email these logs to me at .