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Added by Per Amundsen over 3 years ago

Docs for the API's can be found at

You will notice there are no GUI API's yet, i'm open for any API requests for this.

If you want to play with this, but don't know what to do, you can download a sample plugin in Visual Studio C# Express format at

You can download Visual Studio Express at

You can find the current AdiIRCAPI.dll in your AdiIRC config folder or at, this is the glue between AdiIRC and the plugin.

Plugins can load and use any DLL's including referencing all .NET frameworks DLL's and do P/Invoke, just like a regular .NET program.

If you get a "System.NotSupportedEception: An attempt was made to load an essembly from a network location" error, try unblock the dll file as shown here here

Plugins can be installed from the plugins manager in File -> Plugins. They will be installed to the .\Plugin folder inside the AdiIRC config folder.

Look forward to see some creative plugins, and please ask if you have any problems.

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