[Script] Use tab complete to spellcheck

Added by Per Amundsen about 6 years ago

If the current word is not currently being tab-completed, replace a misspelled word with the first spellcheck match.

May not work for every case.

on *:TABCOMP:*:{  
  var %text $editbox($active)

  ; Check if AdiIRC is currently doing tab-complete.
  if ($1- == %text) {        
    var %word $editbox($active).spellcheckword   

    ; Lookup the word in the dictionary and get the first corrected match.
    var %spellcheck = $spellcheck(%word, 1)

    ; If the lookup was successful and the match was different than the spellcheck word.
    if (%spellcheck && %spellcheck != %word) {
      var %pos = $calc($editbox($active).selstart - 1)

      ; Find the first white space to the left of the spellcheck word.
      while (%pos > 0 && $mid(%text, %pos, 1) != $chr(32)) {
        dec %pos

      ; Replace the editbox text with combined text left of the spellcheck word + corrected match + text right of the spellcheck word.
      ; Also set the selection to the end of the corrected match.
      editbox -b $+ $calc(%pos + $len(%spellcheck) + 1) $qt($active) $left(%text, %pos) $+ %spellcheck $+ $mid(%text, $calc(%pos + $len(%word) + 1), $len(%text)))