silly question - enalbe scripts

Added by Darn Efnet about 2 months ago

Is there some global setting I need to adjust to enable scripts. I have added a few scripts, loaded them and they will not trigger at all. even simple scripts such as

on *:VOICE:#: {
if ($nick == $me) {
msg # Thank you for voicing me, $chan!

Its like the client just ignores everything, I have reinstalled, tried on anotehr computer and such and no matter what the scripts never trigger.

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RE: silly question - enalbe scripts - Added by Per Amundsen about 2 months ago

Scripts should work.

Make sure you are using the latest version of adiirc, also make sure the scripts are added to the Script Editor and not the Alias Editor. Also check that "Script Editor -> Menubar -> Listen -> Events" is enabled.

You can also check that global scripting is enabled by typing /scripts.

In case there is some hidden invisible character in the script, try to retype the script from scratch without copy/pasting.

Maybe try making a script that trigger on other events, e.g "on *:START:echo -ag script started" or similar, in case there is an issue with this specific event.