[Script] Find Window

Added by Per Amundsen over 8 years ago

Simple script to search for a window.

Someone wanted this while using the [script] Hide all idle channels and querys (no new messag... script.

Could be improved to show a proper dialog.

alias findwindow {
  var %search $1
  if (!%search) {
    %search = $$?="Search for" 

  %search = $+(*,%search,*)

  window -l @findwindow
  var %s 0
  while (%s < $scon(0)) {
    inc %s
    scon %s
    var %w 0

    while (%w < $window(%search, 0)) {
      inc %w
      aline @findwindow %s $network $window(%search, %w)

menu @findwindow {
    scon $gettok($line(@findwindow,$1),1,32) window -a $gettok($line(@findwindow,$1),3,32)
    window -c @findwindow

menu channel,status,query,menubar {
  Find Window:findwindow

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RE: [Script] Find Window - Added by Mr. BS over 8 years ago

For fun I edited your script to display results in a small window in the middle of screen.

Check it out, script is attached.

Use ESC key to close windows.

More hotkeys:

ctrl+2 to open/put focus Find Window inputbox.
<tab> to swap between inputbox and results window.
up/down to navigate results.
<enter> or double click to bring a result window to front.

RE: [Script] Find Window - Added by Per Amundsen over 5 years ago

Use the attached findwindow2.ini script instead, it has some fixes for recent AdiIRC versions.