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Added by manuela van der linden over 12 years ago


some weeks ago, I had a chat with you, and we discuss the problem about np. I am an DJ by a internet radio station, and when I am sending out, I will like automatically the users show what for music there on the radio, now I click everytime on the button now playing.

You said that you writing the script and add this in new version. My question is is this already happen?


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RE: automatic nowplaying - Added by Per Amundsen over 12 years ago


I sure did.

You have to install the latest beta, you can do that by enabling the option "check periodically for beta versions" in File -> Options -> General.

After install you have to go to the menu Commands -> Edit Commands in the top menu (ignore the scripting menu) and enter something like:

OnEvent if ($event == OnSongChanged) { /nmsg <yournetworkhere> #channel $msg }

Replace <yournetworkhere> with what the server/status tab of the server you are connected to says in the channelbar e.g Quakenet.

Let me know how it works out.

Cheers :D